primary colours: true blue

An extraordinary thing happened yesterday on an ordinary, rainy Monday in London Town. It was dark, it was gloomy, and I had enough: I had to wear something bright. While I was out meeting friends, I walked home, and everywhere I looked in Chelsea and Knightsbridge, people were wearing bright colours! Orange. Yellow. Hot Pink (I saw two people in pink converse sneakers @ once, and had to decide who to shoot - I followed the guy, that shot will be up soon). And this girl, in a cobalt blue raincoat with a bow in the back. I love her shoes, but if I can be a bit critical, I'd not have chosen a white bag, even if it might be Chanel, and her hair could do with a trim.

But never mind that: Somehow, collectively, we literally brought the sun out.

Off to the airport soon - will try to post one more, but if not, will continue to from the end of Long Island! (I'll be shooting there, too, but I've got lots o' great London shots coming up). Hope you're having a fun summer, wherever you are!


Fashion update: Writing this from the end of Long Island on Wednesday, where I'm being a good daughter & not swimming just in case it does turn into a tropical storm (we're watching the weather channel). My mom at lunch today apologised for wearing a white bag and I realised I need to clarify: I don't hate all white bags. But with this, I wish she was wearing the new purple Mulberry suede Abigail bag I just saw at Heathrow yesterday. I was trying to source it for you but can't seem to lift the shot off their website, but you can see it here. I don't normally get it about IT bags, but this one really has that wow factor for me.

Alternately, she could have chosen this Lil' Riz leather hobo number (above) by Marc Jacobs

Or better yet this mustard suede Saba, by Jimmy Choo. Oh this is fun. Dressing a total stranger. Reminds me of Barbie dolls. Speaking of which, someone just put this up on eBay:

A genuine Vintage Barbie American Airlines pale blue jacket, with insignia!


Pearl Westwood said...

I agree, with the black tights she needs a dark bag to balence it out - I haven't seen anyone in tights with feet for some time!

dot said...

Me, neither! It's so quaint : )

Rosalind said...

What a gorgeous jacket! Wow,I want it.. haha (:
Another great shot of someone with style. And I do actually quite like the bag, but I was thinking more a charcoal grey one than black to even up the look?


dot said...

Actually, I don't normally like Mulberry but I saw a huge purple suede number @ Heathrow yesterday, which I think would look stunning with this. I should add: I've got nothing against white bags in general! Some of my best bags are white : )