grey matters

Been musing on the (non)colour grey, and how it's the new Pink. As in, this summer, having shed the black that was everywhere this spring (see going grey) it's somehow morphed into a pastel. We haven't seen grey in summer before since.. not in my lifetime. Grey was the new black back around 1999, but that was winter, you'd expect that. But now, it has become part of that pale pastel palette I was going on about the other day. It's actually starting to feel like a colour to me.

Here are two good examples, above, my friend LIz, in grey, outside the V&A (I'm a poet & I know it : ) and top, on a Mystery Brunette with a great smile (three, if you count the girl with the ice cream cone. No, wait, FOUR: the guy near the red phone box in Liz's shot). Liz & Mystery Brunette have different skin tones and hair colour, yet they're wearing almost the same shade of grey. And it works on everyone. Which is the first requirement in any colour that's competing for the honour of being new Black. Or, in this context, the new Pink.

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Betty said...

I love grey. It's my favorite color for clothes.