star quality

Olivia, in from Oxford with her boyfriend, spotted & dotted in Soho, Carnaby Street perhaps. This was the last shot of the roll - just one shot - so I'm guessing I've got more good ones waiting to be developed. It was very hot & she was a great sport about being shot - her clothes are all vintage 'bits & bobs' - I love the lace on lace balanced against black leather and brass. She reminds me of a young Reese Witherspoon in this shot, don't you think? An absolute star.


Victoria said...

I thought it was Sienna Miller at first! She looks like a very happy person! :) x

Stephanie Clayton said...

wow. i do like the "bits & bobs", it's working for her!
gorgeous lace top. love the shoes!

Dot said...

She is! (re: Victoria) Or if she's not, she's a better actress than Sienna & Reese put together.
It was all very quick - it was a really hot day & there were tons of tourists everywhere - and she & her boyfriend struck me as really nice & happy.
Hi SC! : )

TheSleekGeek said...

omg Jill, i love your blog more and more! i cant stopping myself from checking out your blog every single day!keep going!!

P. Dot said...

Jun, that is so spooky: I just left a comment on yours! I think perhaps literally at the same time.
THANK YOU. & ditto : )

Joanna said...

What a great picture! Love the tights and the top. Very awesome blog- something to look forward to all the time :)

Noelle Chantal said...

very nice shot! its really interesting to know that you prefer to use your dads camera. i always like your photos, there's something vintage looking about them. must be the process you are doing with it. and yes she looks like Reese here! pretty vinatge looking outfit.