on mothers, daughters, & mermaids

Speaking of mothers and daughters, this is my friend Carry Sommers and her delightful daughter, Sienna (top), at the WEBA awards (read about it on Carry's blog, here). I wish she'd won, but how could she compete against two nice women who created an organic lubrication product for women's, err, intimate parts?
It was a great event, tho, at really cool church in Shoreditch, with yummy canapes that Sienna & I kept scarfing down, but it was quite dark inside. I shot it without flash. Sienna was such a star. I asked her to stand very, very still, which she did, but just my breathing could have blurred it. (I've got a lot of really good ones of them both, shot outside in the still bright summer evening light, which I'll post another day). Had to post these, tho, because I love the colours: green/blue/indigo/purple palette of a tropical underwater scene. The colours of our living room, growing up. Okay, now I miss my mom. Gotta go book a flight to the beach house asap! Can't wait for my brother and sister to come out there with my nieces, and be mermaids with them in the pool, or in the sea.

Have a lovely, summery weekend, wherever in the world you are. And if you happen to live in the Southern Hemisphere, hope it's so tropically warm that it's endlessly summer for you.


Anonymous said...

i love those colors, too! what a great dress & shoes & she's so cute!!!! cool mum. : ))

Stephanie Clayton said...

a bit too warm here just now, but tropical nonetheless!
wonderful pics. i also love the first one for the sublime colors. it's captivating.
the mom looks so interesting- love her shirt and cute haircut.