it's black, it's white

Whatever your feelings about Michael Jackson, everyone has a memory or image of something that stays with them. For me - because I'm such a visual person - it was the video black or white (it wasn't easy to get a link for you: some versions are blocked for copyright reasons) and now I can't stop singing it. R.I.P, Michael.

In his memory, I've decided to post a black and white look, and what better person than Kate, here on a lunch break on a quite street in Soho, with Andrew. I saw her and thought she had incredible style & charm, but didn't want to ask to shoot her because I didn't know if it would offend her, being apparently disabled.

Turns out the affliction is only temporary, and caused by a collision with a broken wine glass (hers), her knee, and the floor. I hope Kate won't mind me lumping her with a Michael Jackson tribute, but she doesn't strike me as the type to get all huffy about it. I'm sure you'll join me in wishing her a speedy recovery.


Pearl Westwood said...

Hi Jill - yet again we have some bizar fashion meeting of minds - Im on monochrome today ha ha! Hope Kates' knee doesnt take too long to get better, what a fab hat
x Pearl

love home|life|style said...

Kate looks fab! absolutely love her hat!

Stephanie Clayton said...

that hat was made for her!
her whole look is cool.
a freak accident with a wine glass- ouch! i wish her a quick recovery.

Anonymous said...

Hope Kate's knee gets better soon what an unfortunate accident!
I love her hat very MJ don't you think?
nicky :) x

Pearl Westwood said...

Hi Jill, this is a goose bumps moment! It's so funny your post title was what caught my eye! Thanks for sending me your links, I love the shots! Ive also got photos of the Paris-Moscow Chanel window from my Chanel, they've done it quite differently it will be nice to compare!!! I was waiting till I have time to do a full post on the whole of that collection - did you see the little Russian doll bag from it - amazing!!!

Also I just can't wait for the Chris Kane for topshop, I still have a dress from the first one he did, LOVE HIM! Its almost my blogs 1 month aniversary!
Pearl X

jill said...

Okay, it gets even spookier... it seems like every blogger has woken up today and for their own various reasons, posted something in black & white. Have you seen this?
and that's just the tip of the iceberg.
You're not related to a Mark Westwood by any chance? Used to live in Hay-on-Wye, had a bookshop but has since moved further north?

Emma said...

OMG! I wore black and white too that day but not on purpose. Great post, get well soon Kate!

The Photodiarist said...

Gotta love a girl who can look that good with a knee brace and crutches!