fancy footwork, fine art

At the Contemporary Art preview recently at Phillips de Pury. I love how today there are absolutely no rules when it comes to fashion: even flip flops are allowed. What a great time in history to be a woman!

Speaking of fancy footwork, I was thinking about how my brilliant blog-friend Nicky (lipsoflondon) recently referred to Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face and 'that amazing tap dancing dude who's name escapes me (darn generation gap)' (I swear, Nicky, I'm not laughing at you! I'm laughing with you!) and thinking that, even tho Fred Astaire was ahead of my time, too, we must not lose that amazing tap dancing dude to history. I must get my hands on one of his films soon, because he was truly a legend not just in his time, but for all time!

If you can make it out, I love how her fabulous pink shoes match a small streak in her hair, and the girl's hair in the artwork! I loved the back of her trousers, with the slits up the back (she told me the designer but I can't find my notes -or her card!) My one shot is very blurry but hey, let's just call it Art.


Stephanie Clayton said...

incredible shots, especially the last ones with the repeated pink!
art events are excellent photo- and people-watching ops!

StyleSpy said...

Oh, those red mary janes make me want to chew her feet off! Delicious!

Although I have to disagree on one thing -- flip flops are not permitted, not in my world, anyway. If there's a chance you're going to be drinking champagne from a flute, make an effort and put on a proper pair of shoes. (Sorry, but I loathe flp flops.)

Anonymous said...

I agree with StyleSpy, those red mary janes are devine. They look so lovely with the socks.
On the other hand, I do like the flip flops and how as polka dot said there is 'no rules'.

Dot said...

SS: I can totally see your point, but I could live in flip flops year round if it wasn't so cold. I'm laughing as I'm typing this because I thought they WERE a proper pair of shoes! : )

What I actually did that day - we were coming from a day swimming @ a club outside London - was to quickly change @ home into a cocktail dress, go bar footed (in flip flops) with pool hair that I twisted up to make it even more so & set it that way, drove to the gallery, untwisted the hair so it was kind of rippley, shook it around, and switched to my vintage suede pointy classic heels & then went tottering around, scarfing yummy, very classic English canapes like little cucumber sandwiches & mini Battenberg cakes, and taking people's pictures. It really did break the ice, I think everyone enjoyed being snapped!

I'm curious on hindsight what was in those bowls, tho. I didn't notice them at the time.