blue skies

Liz, in sky blue, at the V&A.
The BBC weathermen say it's meant to be 'white cloud' tomorrow but I'm hoping the weathermen are wrong. Here's wishing blue skies for all of you this weekend, wherever you may be!


Unknown said...

I love her dress! The combined with her flats makes a just perfect laid-back look! I am so sorry but her dress reminds me of a pillow so I feel way much more relaxed looking at it. By the way, thanks for the good wishes and it's good you mention it but my weekend is supposed to be sunny. Sunny and happy because when the suns out...I am really really really ecstatic! I just walked outside a few minutes ago and felt the weather not too cold and not too hot and the blue skies and white clouds...I am in the most incredibly happy mood right about now!

Dot said...

Aw, TD, you are such a joyous soul. I read your comments - or your blog - and just smile.
I'm actually feeling pretty darn good, too - let it rain, who cares, when you're happy inside, it doesn't make a bit of difference! Thanks for dropping by. : )

Stephanie Clayton said...

she looks so fresh and pretty in blue. i feel this shade is not an easy one to wear but with her freckles and reddish hair, it's perfect.

StyleSpy said...

Oh, I love that dress! So cool & easy, and blue-eyed redheads always rock the sky blue.

TheSleekGeek said...

omg she is so Sarah Jessica Parker!

Oh jill, you're so sweet, do you mind i tell you next time if i wanna get sth from AA? because the shipping is really high, it costs nearly $160 HongKong dollars here;-( even more than the good.
i'm still thinking actually as you know, i've got the blue one which i bought from Cotton On, they're just too similar, and mine is much cheaper lol :P