pink bubble fun

Berwick Street, Soho. Was having lunch with a friend @ Brindisi. Saw a flash of coral pink go by - yes, girls, it's a bubble skirt! and, for once, it works! - a rare bird, indeed, as most women on the street that day were in grey, black, neutral. Ran after her, got this shot but didn't catch her in time to ask questions. Like where she got those boots! Do you see the heel? They're fab. Anyone know who made them? I love love love hot pink or coral with brown suede and dark skin, or a good tan.

Another example: similar palette, different proportions, totally, totally different look.


Style Odyssey said...

i've been fond of coral since...well, since the 80s when i was absolutely addicted to the color.

cute bubble skirt, the whole ensemble really works! and i'm a sucker for unique heels...so i noticed the boots right away.

Stephanie said...

I love the coral color, although I wish the skirt were slightly longer on her.

And I love the pink converses with the second look!

Kashaya said...

Love coral but in my opinion the skirt is a little to short... The boots are stunning though! And the pink converses on the second pic is really cute.

street angel said...

I love the coral skirt.

Anonymous said...

loving that first outfit, the pink isn't so overpowering. haha, my dad doesnt even seem to recall buying a plain white shirt!! your blog is great too , linked it :)


Unknown said...

Wow! The bubble skirt is amazing! I love that ensemble! Super duper casual yet so chic! Then you have the picture of the pink Chuck Taylors and they are super amazing! I actually wore my Chucks today. I love both shots!
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Anonymous said...

she certainly has the legs to carry off the pink bubble skirt...mostly not a fan of the look. just my 2 cents