once there was a way to get back homeward

(To accompany this story, suggested soundtrack: open a new window and crank up this tune). It was on the same ridiculously hot day that I had met my friend Amanda for lunch and walked home thru Soho & met & shot Olivia, and I had pretty much reached melting point when I saw this girl walking down Picadilly. Even in that heat, she radiated something so utterly cool, and in all black her zen like chic, stood out from the crowd.

When I caught up with her I asked where she got her dress and she modestly replied, Dolce & Gabanna. Of course. 'But it's a uniform', she added. Turns out she works @ D&G, and was carrying her sushi lunch back to the office. The quality of that simple dress, the way it fits, the way she accessorised it with my same ray bans and little patent clutch.. not a bad job, although, like anything else, I'm guessing sometimes the clients aren't so easy. But look at the perks!

Speaking of jobs, and uniforms, on that same day, this stylish gentleman was more stoic in that heat than the guards at Buckingham Palace, guarding the door at the Wolseley - perhaps my favourite late night (or early morning breakfast) joint in town. There was something going on that the front door was blocked off, so he had to guard a side entrance. It felt very roaring twenties speakeasy, and his face is haunting me now. Some film I've seen from London in the sixties, perhaps starring Michael Caine.

I finally cried uncle & realised I couldn't walk home in this heat, and got on a bus at Green Park, just past the Ritz (who knew: those gorgeous double decker buses are ice cold air conditioned! Clearly the best kept secret in London, because I hadn't a clue) But first, just had to shoot this girl as I loved her Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby haircut, and the stripe on pattern with leggings thing.

And as an end to my documentary of my odyssey home, I shot this little hot pink scooter in South Ken when I got off the bus, because I think those colours - mustard and hot pink - would look so brilliant with that D&G black dress. Perhaps hot pink Louboutins & little vintage mustard clutch. And, in lieu of an air conditioned bright red double decker bus, I can't think of a more chic & colourful getaway. They match my toe nail polish exactly.


Stephanie Clayton said...

i love olivia's D&G dress. i have a similar one from the brand theory, and haven't even worn it yet! i must do that soon...

Dot said...

Oh, Stephanie, when you do, please send me a shot! Or let me know when you've posted it, I can update with the link. Thanks x