all that glitters

Speaking of gold dresses: my friend Liz took me to the best art exhibit I've seen since.. actually, since the recent contemporary modern auction private view at Phillips du Pury, and before that, the Saatchi Gallery show on Muslim art. This is by a brilliant Iranian artist named Bita Ghezelayagh, at the Rosa Issa gallery on Kensington High Street. I was so sorry it was the last day, as I'd have loved to have shown Mr. Dot. She's done everything by hand - it takes her ages - and if you look closely, there's a little teeny tiny red DOT in the bottom. Every piece in the show was sold out, and she's hard at work now on new commissioned pieces.
Everything is tied in with Iranian post-revolutionary popular culture, and symbols of martydom. As women, especially women interested in fashion, these 'dresses' - in the flesh - are powerful on so many levels. Expect more photos in the days to come: her work just blew me away.


jem said...

wow! incredible... these "dresses" are so amazing, you clearly see how much work she puts into them. i love that they are a symbols of iranian post-revolutionary pop culture, it really touched me. thanks for sharing the photographs, i cant wait to see more later! http://framestheworld.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

love this...what is the symbolism with the red bead ? Is that Iranian writing in the center? Are the clothes meant to be worn or hung as art?