back to school special

When I was a girl, I wanted to go to an all girls, Catholic school, because I'd seen an old film called The Trouble with Angels, starring Hayley Mills, and I loved the look of the uniforms. My parents, bless them, who had worked quite hard to make our school system so excellent, said it probably wouldn't be such a great idea, being as we're not actually Catholics.

Lately, as you might know from past posts such as 'portrait of an artist as young woman', I've been banging on for quite a while about school jackets, esp. worn over something soft, silky, lacey, or otherwise unexpected.

So you can imagine my surprise when recently, my lovely husband, Mr. Dot, asked me to try this jacket on. He found it in a charity shop, & it's from The Woldingham School for Girls. You've got to click on the link, the music alone makes it worth it, but it's just such a hysterical little film! (No offence to those of you bloggers out there who are either going there, or alumni.) Finally: even if I didn't get to be scolded by nuns in habits for smoking, at least I've got the jacket! It's a very well made jacket, to boot.

Later that same day, I even got Mr. D take photos of me in said jacket. In these shots I'm wearing it over my ubiquitous Mizrahi lime green seersucker shots/swimsuit bottom from Target two years ago that I've been wearing for all of August, and black suede Topshop pom pom flats. What what I'd really like to wear it with is something like Sarah's nude crepe embroidered dress from 'somewhere in Notting Hill', above. I also love the details of the turquoise in her belt, the jewelry she wore with it... everything about her outfit, frankly. And when it gets a bit cold, she could throw on a jacket like mine!

So for those of you who were concerned for me recently (and I'm grateful!) that perhaps I was struggling with Mr. Dot, well, just wanted you to know that he's got some quite good qualities, after all.

I'm really curious: is this just a recent London/UK look? School jackets over frilly frocks? Any sightings elsewhere on the planet?


Pearl Westwood said...

Oh what a great find Mr Dot (almost makes up for the lack of a sequin jacket ;-) )looks good with those pom-pom pumps!


You are so amazing. THANK YOU :)
one day a Miami rendezvous, perhaps? ;)


StyleSpy said...

Young lady, I'm afraid you're going to have to put on some more clothes if you want to go to any Catholic school I've ever heard of!!! Seriously, though, GREAT jacket. You're going to wear that to pieces. Well done, Mr. Dot!!!

dot said...

Ha! Maybe that's the real reason why my parents didn't send me, but didn't have the heart to tell me aged 6 that I was... underdressed, and would no doubt burn in hell for my sins. About time someone did!

Thank you all for your sweet comments. : ) x

ediot said...

mm. back to school.. ambivalent feel to it. eager to finish my education. but still ahh.. half a year really feels like forever right now.. thanks for the lovely comment. id love to swap links. doing it now,

Stacy said...

just had my first day of school today; is it odd to say it's like my second home?

and i absolutely adore the bright blue belt with the paler dress


What Was I Thinking? said...

Hi there! I just came across your blog & you've got a good thing going here. Thanks for linking me, I'm going to add you too :)

The whole blazer of a frilly thing sounds good to me, it's a new way to play with the masculine vs. the feminine. Like wearing a motorcycle jacket over a ball gown haha.

TTYL Christine!

dot said...

Or over a ballerina's tutu! (to Christine) I have always loved that look. I'll never forget being really young, backstage at some major rock concert (my brother's a musician, so I've been backstage most of my adult life) and the lead singer's girlfriend was absolutely ethereal in a pale yellow kind of retro fifties tutu type dress, with jet black short hair, black leather motorcycle jacket, white skin and violet eyes. I don't have a clue who she was, but that image is burned into my memory.

Stacy: no, not odd at all! I'm so glad you feel that way. I've had some dorm rooms that looked like prisons, but one that was just gorgeous (a room mate with great taste helped). Hope you love it!!

Ediot: I feel ambivalent often, about everything. When I'm not feeling adamant, that is! And life is one big learning experience, in or out of educational institutions. This coming from a college professor's daughter, who instilled that belief in me.

Pearl: thank you, sweets! And Erika, I'm in!! Fashion shoot in Miami, absolutely! Any time from November on : )

Thank you all, and have a lovely Wednesday wherever you are!


Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Love this jacket! Actually, yes, I have been seen these around town. I even tried on a look-alike at Zara the other day, but it didn't fit exactly right.

sofiasophie said...

beautiful colour match (nude + turquoise) !

The Photodiarist said...

Ahh Jill -- I went to a Catholic all girls' school. It wasn't all that, believe me!

Unknown said...

Hahahaha!! I went to Woldingham School. Recognised the blazer right away!

dot said...

Oh, Nadia, how funny: I wonder if I've got your jacket!!??

Thanks for your comment. How did you like going to the school? Being American, I always dreamed of boarding in an English girl's school. My husband boarded in an all boys school & I'm sure it's why he's constantly pulling pranks on me. Had I gone to one, perhaps I could hold my own with him ; )