blue, blue, electric blue

'... that's the colour of my room, where I will live..' I love that Bowie song, and have been singing it in my head, ever since I took this shot of my friend Claire's blue wedge espadrille sandals, which she got 'somewhere in Fulham, in a little shop.' It's a colour that's been popping up all over town (and in the Hamptons, so presumably elsewhere, too). It's like what I used to call 'Greek blue' but then it hit me: it's 80s, glam rock, 'electric blue!' And it's such a great little accent colour: on Ray Bans, in patterns.. it makes a nice transition accent colour into fall. Below a sneak preview of a post I'm quite happy about: another brilliant group of style icons.

On the off chance that anyone actually clicks on my youtube links (I must ask my blog friends: how do you imbed them as boxes??) here is Moby requesting the song, on 'live by request', it's quite cute, and here's Bowie performing Sound & Vision. Play at your own risk: I can't get it out of my head!


Mom Fashion World said...

i adore blue color aside from green.
it really looks good how her blue cardigan matches her shoes
and sunglasses.
huh! i haven't been logged in to my youtube for a long.
i feel so bad I can't help you.
but i'm sure there are lot of fellow bloggers to help.

p.s yup, those pics aren't from NH. They were taken in
Wompatuck State Park.

Style Odyssey said...

electric blue....you're so right about it being an 80s glam color. i recall a particular linen and silk skirt i had, 1984...i knew the cut wasn't the most flattering, but i almost wore it out, i loved that color soooo much!

fast forward to now, i only wear electric blue as an accent.

this girl looks lovely in her blue- it really flatters her coloring. the sunglasses are pure fun!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Electric blue is always an amazing shade. It makes enough of an impact ot turn heads without being ultra bright. Love the pairing of electric blue accessories and footwear here. Gorgeous photos, Dot - you really brought out the true spirit of the subject; she's so happy! :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

By the way, thank you for the award - you're the sweetest! :)

Unknown said...

For some reason...I have really really REALLY been getting into this color. Not just because of this post but also I have seen some people wearing this color and I can't help but think "What a cool attractive color!" The shoes...wow I love them! I also love the Ray Bans!
check out my trendy blog!

lnetaue said...

blue + black always look great !!!

Unknown said...

I think I own that same cardigan!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Gorgeous color. Did you see Jak & Jil's most recent post? It's also about electric blue!

Birk85 said...

Hi, here is Birk from http://www.fashiononstreet.de

I sent you an email 2 weeks ago, but unfortunately I didn´t get an answer.

Have you get it?

Many cheers from hannover,

dot said...

Hi Birk,
Sorry: I try to reply to everyone, and I read everyone's lovely comments - thank you all so much! - but it might have slipped thru the cracks when we were away. Would you mind sending it again? jill@haybooks.com thanks. I did just look at your site and it looks great: I've linked you on street style blogs under 'hanover', and thank you for linking me! But please do email me about anything.

TF: no, I hadn't seen Jak & Jill. Will have to check it out later just running out now.

If you think that shot is good, wait til you see the group she was with! Will post it later. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wow, cool colours!

Rosalind said...

Thats such a pretty colour.. I like how you've captured it in lots of different forms! Especially like the shoes. Great post.
And thanks for your comment,really sorry I havn't replied for so long. Havn't had that long onthe computer in the last week!
And I now do have a blog email up and running. Its at the top side of my page I think.. Could you email me there? :)