fashion rant: i simply can't!

The strangest thing has been happening to me: it's absolutely pissing down with rain outside, I mean, it's raining cats & dogs (and we've got a dog living with us - with the cat - yes, Jackson has come to visit while our friends are in Sicily, and our cat is SO not happy about it), and for someone who lives to swim, outdoors, in warm weather, letting go of summer is always hard.

But this year, I don't know what's come over me, but I am so into fashion! I don't mean I'm so fashionable, per se, I just mean, I'm excited about the style I see out there on the streets. It feels like London is in the centre of some kind of incredible creative renaissance, like Paris in the 20s, and I can't recall a time in my life when I've seen so many looks that I like. At any given time, I've found that I've just adopted what was available to fit somehow in my vague, style form that I was shaping since childhood. At times, like in 1997/98, I had to resort to sourcing fabrics and finding a dressmaker to make my clothes, because I just didn't like anything available in retail. But this year: it's like fashion is the new rock and roll. It's like designers are to the Noughties as celebrity chefs were to the Nineties.

It's like fashion is, all of a sudden, sexy.

I've been thinking about this for days - and I haven't even been part of my first London Fashion Week yet - and then I saw a similar thought on the HuffPost. I mean, when I set out to do this blog, way back in March, I had expected to do a series on 'fashion rants'. You know what I mean: those looks that the Industry foists upon us, and which we reject, by voting with our feet. Like the disaster that happened with baby doll dresses a year or so ago (the ones that made even the most anorexic girl look pregnant. The ones that did so not fly off the shelves: they had to be pulled instead).

So I did post: on harem pants. But sure enough, they've disappeared.

And instead: what? WHAT can you point to this season that you wouldn't wear on your dead body? Seriously: are there any A/W trends out there that you really, really hate? To the point on ranting about? It's like the Industry and us normal girls are finally on the same page.

Anyway, I was in Joseph yesterday and was laughing as two tall, pretty blonde women in their maybe 40s were trying on super high heels. One said to the other: 'I look drunk! I'm falling backwards! I am so a flats girl.' But they were having fun. This year is so about fun. And that's where I've discovered Phillip Lim, and am wondering where he's been all my life. Couldn't you just see his sequin smoking jacket over this girl on the street's leggings with zips up the side (a look I've been seeing a lot: so cool, AND practical) and with those lovely black & blue suede shoes?

I had to leave the wound in on her foot, not airbrush it out in photoshop. After all: it's a small price to pay for being so chic, don't you think?

p.s. THANK YOU to the lustrous (& wise) Pearl, of Fashion Pearls of Wisdom, who spotted the harlequin bag as belonging to Miu Miu.


Pearl Westwood said...

Hi, love the two pieces you picked out up there, so gorg!! It seems we have psychic linked again, I was rabbiting on about the Miu Miu harlequin collection yesterday and here this girl has one of the bags - how beatiful is it!! I have to argue the case in favour of the hareems though - still clinging on to mine firmly ;-) especially now I discovered how well they work with boots - I will let you know when photographic evidence is made and see if I can convert you x Pearl

dot said...

Ah! That's right! That's how we first became blog-friends: you were defending harem pants! The funny thing is, that was the only thing that irked me at the time - I never really did hate them you know : )

In fact... I've got to find it somewhere.. I did post when I finally found someone looking gorgeous in them.

Thank you for sourcing the harlequin bags! I'll add it to the post. Thanks babe! I love when this stuff happens: psychic linking.

Pearl Westwood said...

Hi! Im sure skirt will look fine, its got pretty good seams on either side so wont spoil the cut, I think going off the runway photo its suppost to be worn on the hips but I cant cope with that style - im constantly pulling things up! Theres a great place in Manchester called stitches that do alterations really well for £12 an item so well worth it - especially since the skirt was an ebay bargain ;-) x

Rosalind said...

It was really interesting reading this.. I kind of agree, when looking through a magazine or people watching; I'm much more likely to admire an outfitor item than ridicule it.
And that miu miu bag is incredible gorgous (as is the rest of the outfits..)


Lacey Starr said...

I've noticed a trend that I do find rant worthy. Open toe boots. why?

The Photodiarist said...

WOW! You are so awesome! Thanks for the "Hats Off" shout out! I am soooo incredibly touched by this. . . and happy that you like my blog. As you know, I am a big fan of yours too and cannot wait to see what you turn up during London Fashion Week! Again, THANKS Jil.

Anonymous said...

Wow Jill your last dozen posts have been absolutely killer!
I love it when a girl will dress very plain jane in all black but then wear a fantastic pair of heels or as above a gorgeous bag to show off their accessories without the outfit becoming too much!
I've seen this quite alot in London lately a new trend emerging perhaps?
So glad you found the greatness of Phillip Lim just about to jump into my NY Fashion week post I have no doubt it's going to be INCREDIBLY long-winded... more long-winded than that Haute Couture post I did a while back ;)
Oh If you like Phillip Lim do have a look at Peter Som ?
lots of love,

StyleSpy said...

I LOVE Philip Lim. He's marvelous and accessible and just great. His sizing is consistent and his prices are not ridiculous -- I'm really in love with him, and that dress you posted is gorgeous.

I'm with lacey although maybe not to the point of ranting, but -- open-toed boots. I've seen some cool ones, but I'm not going to be buying any.

And thank you so much for the award! I'm so tickled!

dot said...

Actually, Lacey, and SS: that's almost rant-worthy! I like the look, and I've seen other bloggers who actually buy fashionable designer shoes sporting them on their blogs - and I've seen them on girls, in reality as well (not that the other bloggers aren't REAL PEOPLE... you know what I mean)..

Yeah, it's worthy of a Rant Post! I know it's pushing things but what the hell. I do have my thoughts on them.. I love them but.. well, I'll save it for the post : )

Nicky: I've never heard of Peter Som. HOW IS ONE SO YOUNG SO WISE??? Will google him now, and then see if Joseph has anything by him, too.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments!! Just been out shooting in East London where the style quota is thru the roof.. or rather, being the street, the sky's the limit.

shoe york city said...

That harlequin bag is straight from Picasso! This lady doesn't have white in the pattern but otherwise it's an exact print-likeness!!! http://www.topofart.com/images/artists/Pablo_Picasso/paintings/picasso002.jpg