honey i'm on the phone

That's another thing that everyone was doing at fashion week: either talking, or texting. On the phone. When they weren't smoking, that is. Or, often, a bit of both.

You know how when you see films from like the early 90s - Julie Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding, for example - and they're holding these big bricks to their ears? It looks so dated. Someday, when we all just have chips implanted under our wrist and walk around looking like we're barking mad & talking to ourselves, THIS will look so dated. A hand to an ear. On this year's model blackberry (which, I admit, I've got, too: I've customised mine with three hot pink polka dots of nail varnish, so I can tell it apart from Mr. Dot's).

The thing about the phone is it keeps one from being Present, which is, in the Buddhist sense, all that matters. And yet - well sometimes, you just have to. I did, at times. It just seemed to me that with all this wonderful stuff going on to observe, people aren't really seeing it at times. Plus, it kept me from asking their permission to shoot them. So after a while, I just did anyway. Usually they'd then glance up, see me mouthing thank you, and smile. And go on talking.

So: which phone look is more you?


Pearl Westwood said...

Oh Erin again, I cannot see this woman without smiling, I just love her!
I treat my phone like its a dead rat, I just hate talking on it, especially when on public transport (unfortunately this doesnt bother everyone)! I only use it in emergencies and mainly as a clock.
Pearl x

la flore et la faune said...

Dear Polka Dot,

the Photodiarist tagged me just like you : so I just discovered your great blog.

I love the first picture : the girl's gesture is so expressive ;)

bises from Paris

NoƩmie K said...

this post is fo funky !!!

sofiasophie said...

Hi Jill,

The first pic is just soooo good! the girl really look angry; the pose, with her arm pointed to a direction like saying "don't listen to her/him, you know is wrong!", and her gesture with the eyebrows and the mouth!
really really good shot!

And OMG, is this a tattoo (the girl with the shorts)? I WANT one like that; a simple line from my left thumb to my big toe....

Ps; just sent your an email!

dot said...

sofiasophie: I'm assuming it's one of my favourite cheap fall looks: tights with seams. Tabio has them but I'm guessing you'll soon be able to find them anywhere.

During WW2 when women couldn't afford stockings, they'd go bare legged and their friends would draw a line down the back.. actually will post on this soon, I promise! x

StyleSpy said...

Oh, I got my first Crackberry this weekend and it's living up to its name!! I can't put it down, and I'm hating myself over it.