how absolutely shocking! (lost in translation)

I don't have a clue what shocking news this model received on Day One @ London Fashion Week, but whatever it was, it sure got her up & running. Would love to hear your guesses. Be creative : )

Don't you love her hound's tooth cardigan and black thigh high suede boots? And she's got a little polka dot frock hiding underneath. (Don't you just love how the Brits call it 'dog's tooth' - everything gets lost in translation over the pond).

Oh and by the way re: the back to school special quiz, I haven't forgot you still need the answer. I'll be posting on it soon, I promise!



Anonymous said...

That girl isn't a model...she's Jameela Jamil...a presenter from T4 :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, could her ensemble be anymore darling? I want every last bit of it. And her hair - too cute! :)

I'm wondering if she didn't just receive word that she was late for a very important date! :)

Style Odyssey said...

cute girl, outfit....i like great-quality action shots that tell a story- even if we don't know what the story is.

excellent work, J, as always! your LFW pics are so much fun! gotta say, i really look forward to your blog posts....and your sweet and intelligent comments on my own blog. just wanted you to know. :)

have fun at FW!

all for now...

Anonymous said...

I'm not really what more to say than

Rosalind said...

I've just spent ages looking through all your LFW posts.. Just amazing! I think you really captured a lot of very stylish people. This is the only time of year when I really really wish that I lived in London..
But you've definitely made the best of it!
And I'm so sorry I didn't send those photos. We had a very impromptu trip to Wales, and there was no interenet there, so I couldn't send the images. They will be sent off tonight though, just need to compress the files :)
Brilliant post.


dot said...

Thank you all for your lovely lovely comments and especially Anonymous, if you're reading this, thank you for identifying her! I knew she looked familiar & just assumed she was a model. Just goes to show: never assume.

Kristina, thanks so much for getting in touch! I've just looked quickly @ your blog & I remember you: I've been shooting you a lot yesterday it turns out. Actually will put a comment on YOUR blog..

StyleSpy said...

I think she must have seen one of the models eating...

dot said...

No! I SAW one of the models eating!! I can't say who: she was leaving after a show, poor thing, it was hotter than hell, hotter than TEXAS even, and I was starving & exhausted & could only imagine how she felt. Anyway she was running out through the entrance arch stuffing a chocolate croissant in her mouth. I asked if I could shoot her and she said, oh, no, please don't shoot me eating. I misunderstood at first and thought she meant no more shots, but she was fine with that part.

She did give me the most lovely shots. Just not eating. I wonder if that's in her contract: no one must ever, at any point, catch you getting sustenance from actual food, like other mortal beings. Those girls work so hard, and burn up so much energy running around - literally - that they need to constantly eat to stay alive. I have so much respect for them after this week.