LFW Day Two: chanel with a twist, for osman

Her name is Drielli, she was modelling in the Osman show on Day Two (Saturday) and she was very shy and very sweet. I love this mix of Chanel cream leather jacket, flirty black skirt, my favourite black gold stud boots (which might possibly be Topshop) and a simple grey tee. She's got the balance spot on. I liked every single shot I got of her, and it's so hard to decide, so I'm posting three.

This is impossible: I've got hundreds, probably over a thousand shots now, and can't go thru them all as I've got to run out the door to meet some friends then back to Somerset House! I'm time releasing some throughout the day, but still, at this rate, it will be Christmas and I still won't have got through Day Two.

You can't imagine what it's like for me: for six months I've done the whole 'hi, can I shoot you for my blog' thing, and here I am, in an enclosed space with people who LOVE getting photographed by strangers! Not the models: for them it's exhausting, they're either rushing TO a show or exhausted from one (plus, it's been really hot & everyone's been over dressed in leather & fur: this looks Chanel) but everyone else - the civilians - they're thrilled to be shot! So I'm like.. I dunno, a fox in a hen house. A cat who got the cream. You pick the cliche, that's me!


Pearl Westwood said...

Keep it up Jill! You are our eyes down there! So wish I could be there x Pearl

Lacey Starr said...

I love her outfit too! I'm at a loss for words. Stunning!

The Photodiarist said...

OOOOOH. I love the leather jacket. The whole outfit is fantastic, but that jacket is making me drool!!

Dream Sequins said...

I have to say- my style got snapped about twice at NYFW and it felt so weird! Not that I declined. I was just confused that someone actually wanted to capture MOI :) On the other hand, I really loved shooting stylish people with my standard issue DSLR. I felt very empowered behind the lens. You're doing a wonderful job. Can't get enough of your street styles.