London Fashion Week: Day 1

Hello Boys & Girls,
It's after 10 - past Mr. Dot's bedtime actually - we just got home (I met him @ his club on Pall Mall, we had a quick but lovely dinner @ Pain Quotadien near South Ken tube) and I can't properly got thru the hundred or so shots I took today - man oh man if MY feet ache with my little 3/4 inch heel, I can only imagine what everyone else (some men included) must be feeling right now.

So in no particular order I"m gonna just whack up a bunch of today's shots, unedited and unretouched. I will leave the editorialising for you to do in your head. Or, preferably, as comments. I cherish all your comments!

All I'm going to say is: I LOVE LONDON FASHION WEEK!! It's my first ever - my first day of my first fashion week - and I was so blown away by how nice everyone was, how much fun it was... all these years I stayed away from the fashion industry because I assumed it was all so Devil Wears Prada. How wrong I was. It's much more like Carrie in Sex & the City: or at least that was my experience. Recognise Susie Bubble? She was bigger than I'd expected. I pictured a wee little thing. Altho, like just about everyone but me and a few other photographers running around, her height WAS elevated about a foot, by her shoes.

In short: it's all about the shoes. The shoes were the absolute celebrities today. Mostly very high wedges heeled peep toe booties, in suede. Mostly in black, but the biggest hit were a pair of red suede booties that I've seen on at least two women who were tall to begin with (if I wasn't in such a rush, I'd source it: does anyone know please?)

This girl, by the way, was the first casualty of LFW: a true fashion victim, she actually broke her foot TWISTING ON HER HIGH HEELS!!!

There was also a lot of black. And gold studs. And a lot of people on cell phones.

Oh, and sequins. More sequins than I have room to post here, but trust me, post them I will. All in good time, my pretties, all in good time. I'm pretty sure that the two blondes shown here are both wearing the same jacket, and I bet my bottom dollar (or pound) that it's the Topshop Premium Sequin Blazer, currently available in midnight blue, but I had my eye on it in white, and this looks like their grey/silver model, don't you think? This was very much the uniform, sequin jacket, black leggings and heels, shown here on my new friend Amy. I'm not kidding, I met the NICEST people!

Actually, I'm wondering if this grey boyfriend jacket isn't Topshop also. If it's not, you could certainly create the look with the Premium Satin Longline Blazer which would just set you back 75 quid. (Have you figured out yet, I am SO a Topshop girl!!)

The sun was out, so mercifully that at times I had to take off my Topshop Sequin Motorcycle Jacket (yes, readers, I did get it eventually: we called it a birthday present) and I'm glad I wore bare legs (with black ankle socks & black oxfords from Barneys circa 1995), because at times, it was quite hot. If there were a pool, I'd have dived in. I met so many nice people, and this is only day one. I'm pooped. I'm not saying these are my best shots, they're just the ones I happened to click on.

So on that note, this is Polka Dot, female reporter, signing off. As Scarlett O'Hara put it so well: tomorrow is another day.



FashionFollowed said...

wonderful post, you make me feel as if i were there!
Dana x

Eyeliah said...

oh, so much to see!

The Photodiarist said...

WOWWOWOWOW! So much to take in. I love it. Thank your. Keep whacking em' up, Polka Dot!!

HiStyley said...

Lucky you,Have fun!

sofiasophie said...

I absolutely looooove the black & whithe wedges.......... ther are fabulous...

Sophie said...

Wow, this is a brilliant post. (infact it was so good i had to read all the posts showing on your page!) I absolutely love all the shoes especially the black ankle boots with the gold studs and the black and white wedges they are amazing!

Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog. It sounds like you had a lovely birthday at the seaside, I look forward to reading about it!xo

Anonymous said...

Those images are so inspiring - you made me feel like I was there! I saw Susie Bubble straight away, and can I just say that those red boots are stunning. So beautiful...

Thanks for another great post - and for the lovely comment you left on my blog!

Cafe Fashionista said...

You have so perfectly captured the essence and excitement of Fashion Week. These pictures are amazing! :)

Unknown said...

This post literally has hyped me even more for Boston Fashion Week now in about a month! It's funny because I am going to be doing the same thing you are doing here! I will be taking pictures outside of the shows because sadly I don't have 100 dollars to actually attend. Especially when I wouldn't want to go alone..I would want to go with someone else. The lady with those velvet red shoes...wow! I actually kind of like them..they're really original and never seen..at least not often! The photographer with two HUGE professional cameras..how did her neck feel afterwards?! I mean...WOW!! I love your jacket! I really do! Now one question..did you actually attend the fashion shows or did you just take pictures from the outside?
check out my trendy blog!

Style Odyssey said...

i don't know where to start! so i'll just pick a few things, or a lot of things(!) to say...

1. i am so happy you got that topshop sequin jacket, and i adore how you've styled it w/ that nude colored dress! i'd love to see the whole outfit. what shoes did you wear?
2. the girl (model?) in american apparel ensemble, including pink pants: when i was shopping on at south beach amer. apparel, i almost bought that cropped graphic black/white top she's wearing! (i wouldn't have worn it like her, thought...thought of putting a longer top under it..ended up not buying it.)
3. i have no idea what label those red suede boots are but they are killer! surely someone out there knows.
4. i really enjoy the vibe of FW that you've captured here, especially as you didn't edit or retouch. occasionally, a mood can be lost through editing. as Cafe Fashionista said, "you've captured the essence and excitement". bravo!
5. there's a photo...girl in a black dress w/ long sleeve tee under. it's minimal and edgy, rather shapeless but in a good way...it's near the middle, and the background is graphic black/white. any idea of the dress label or brand? i so want a dress like that!

ok, that's all for now...i assume there are more FW pics in the coming week?

one more thing--your blog and pics just keep getting better and better!


Juliet - Editor Adorn London said...

Fantastic photographs, really capturing a moment in time!

Nini's Style said...

OMG !!! This is the best post ever. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the photos. Your photography skill is amazing!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Unknown said...

I am SO glad you are posting fashion week, is it me or are the other bloggers being stingy and not posting like mad, like ususal during fash week? This is just a great big dolop of a treat - thank you!
You definately deserve your lovely jacket, so glad you got it at last!!! x

Anonymous said...

YOU ROCK!!!! I love the shoe posts!!!

xx Adeliet from LoveCoutureLuxe