london fashion week: top shopping tips

These shots from Day One contain some of this year's biggest trends: leopard, hound's tooth (sorry, DOG's tooth in British) and everyone's wish list dress, top, the Christopher Kane crocodile print dress for 60 quid, with a black leather jacket. I don't know why I'm even posting this, apart from I love the dress, and love her look: by the time you wake up, smell the coffee, and see this, that dress will be long gone. Sold out. Still, you never know: it's worth a try. I'd so love to wear that dress with my Topshop Sequin Motorcycle Jacket, which I've seen on so many people @ Somerset House I thought I was in one of those circus mirror thingies.

The other big hits this week, hands down, are sequins, and lace. Oh, and patterned tights. Which in this case, are leopard pattern, so, along with the black booties, that pretty much covers all the trends in one go. And she looks absolutely smashing, don't you think?

Don't ask me why but I love that woman in the leopard coat. After seeing leopard prints on everything from top to toe, literally, it is such a relief to see it as a classic, hopefully fake, fur coat. Even tho it was like a zillion degrees. I also love how she's rocking the red lips, and classic black tights and pumps: no massive wedge height, no leggings or thigh high stockings, no STUDS... just classic, but with a twist.

Okay, apart from fabulous shoes, this pretty much covers the spectrum of what everyone will be wearing this A/W. There's also black black black, and gold studs, but I'll save that for another post.


Anonymous said...

i want that christopher kane dress! i need that christopher kane dress! ; D

katie xxx

Aline Dahl said...

omg! so many great outfits! I wish I could be in London now :(
have a great day :)

Pearl Westwood said...

Hey Jill, I got the croc dress, and the teeshirt and erm a bag LOL! There were still some left online when I looked yesterday so you never know! Can't wait to wear it!
Just to confuse matters I thought dogs tooth was the little print like the girls waist coat and hounds tooth the bigger print like McQueen!?
x Pearl

NoƩmie K said...

I'm just discovering your blog (thanks to your comment on SofiaSophie's blog), I love your description, your vision of fashion. There's a lot of humour. This blog is really funky !
May I put your link of my blog ?

The Photodiarist said...

I am really digging all of your pics. You are doing the best job bringing us LFW. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

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