On Day One of London Fashion Week I ran into someone who looked familiar: my old friend and fellow blogger, Felicia, of 'chic in town', who I met while dog walking our friends' dog Jackson last spring! As we were talking and exchanging cards again so we don't lose each others' details, I was just snapping away. I'm posting every shot I took of her because I just can't decide which I like best.

Note this season's fashion must: leather, softened in this case with a grey scarf, and soft hair. It's funny this week in the Telegraph, or was it the Style section of the Times, they were showing us how you soften leather with something knitted & soft. They also talked a lot about how the 'fashion bloggers say..' which is interesting: it's you girls (& boys) who are now dictating what the fashion editors are saying! How cool is that.

In fact it's funny how these things travel: -h, from pret a porter p, mentioned 'classic with a twist' and I took the ball & kept running with it, next thing I know, some fashion editor is using it as the title of her piece. So watch what you say, blogirls: it could end up in Vogue.

Felicia is so so so nice and vivacious and genuine & sweet. I swear, just spent a moment in her presence and you just want to smile.

p.s. Speaking of -h, and speaking of smiles, I just visited her blog, and her current is La Vie Parapluie, which is lovely and all about... umbrellas! So today, wherever you are, whether it's raining or shining, let your smile be your umbrella.


Aline Dahl said...

oh my! these pictures are absolutely perfect!

The Photodiarist said...

These are awesome. She is gorgeous! Love the leather jacket and boots too.

la flaneuse said...

your photographs are amazing,

and thanks so much for your kind words!