there's something about mary katrantzou

Okay, I admit it: I have a problem. I thought I could stop posting LFW shots, but I can't. There must be a word for people like me. I've now dug into another strata, and am now going thru the actual exhibitors' shots. It's like going thru another portal, and I CAN'T NOT POST THIS STUFF.

It was the strangest sensation, in the days after fashion week ended, even while seeing 500 Days of Summer, I found my right index finger twitching: I was photographing scenes while watching a film! It's like after you've been sailing for a week: dry land keeps on rocking. Or as a kid after a day in the waves, and at night it feels like you're still in the sea.

When I stumbled in on Mary Katrantzou's exhibit, it was set up so cleanly, I just went WOW. Seated on a chair was a woman I thought was Mary, but it was actually her mom. I wanted to shoot her but she moved out of the shot for me - she was just so nice, so modest. If you want to see the clothes on, go to the link and click on collections. I just love it: it's like Christopher Kane's crocodile meets Alexander McQueen's bold prints from s/s 2009, but there's more to it. I just love her stuff: it's so not my typical, Virgo style, but she's really thinking outside the box. And I think they'd all work so well with the previous post's black peep toe suede booties!

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Indifferent? What shoes would you wear with one of her dresses?


StyleSpy said...

AAAUUUGGHHH!!!! I LOVE THESE!!! (Sorry for shouting but they make me absolutely INSANE.) What shoes would I wear with them? Too many good choices to count, but my fierce-fiercety-fierce Weitzman Goliath boots spring to mind first. Did you by any chance see price tags for these? I'm really dying over them.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I love the look; but they're definitely not for me. I do think someone taller could look great in these if paired with a shiny stiletto in a poppy color. :)

Style Odyssey said...

maybe i'm a bit style crazy, but...yeah, i might wear them. they're definitely conversation pieces!

and hey, J...thanks so very much for the extremely informative message on tech stuff. i'll send a "real" reply, but for now, must go tell you...it worked! i've gotten behind on communications, as i'm up to my ears in tech issues of other sorts- rather like when you go "hmmm...the sofa would look better over there" and hours later, you're deep into a whole room make-over!

back to the dresses...i could almost picture you on one of them (perhaps the 2nd dress, a sleeveless sheath)! i'm not kidding.


Unknown said...


Those dresses are the essence of cool. Seriously. I just wish i had the cash to buy one. Love the first blue one. Gorgeous.

Panda xxx

(Oh, cute blog)

Unknown said...

loved her right when she came out! :D
the perfume bottle dresses really blew me away when i first saw them. umm... guessing i'd wear some sort of suede cutout heels with them:}

btw, first time visiting and i love your blog. found through english eccentric! i'm linking also :D