turkish delights

Two of the many lovely women that I've met @ LFW so far are Mary Fellowes and someone I thought was 'AJ', or at least, that's what I thought she said. Turns out her real name is Ece Sükan, which I discovered because Craig @ Altamira happened to post a similar shot to one of mine.

She's become one of my muses this week - she's just so sweet & easy to shoot. And Mary is so warm and fun. They're a great duo, and are working together at Turkish Vogue. How exotic!

Ece's Day Two outfit is almost all vintage: Fendi bag, Guy Laroche top, skirt by Azzedine Alaia, and orange shoes, Chanel.


AX80 said...

Ah, gotta love those bright red Chanel pumps.

Style Odyssey said...

ece's day 2 outfit is absolutely gorgeous! everything appears to be thrown together imperfectly-perfectly, if that makes any sense. i mean, the orange shoes don't "go" but they...well, they do! it all works in an effortless and fun manner. she looks like someone who doesn't take style too seriously. and that, i admire very much.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, I've just fallen in love with the both of them. Their style is impeccable - they truly are two Turkish Delights. Now can I please have those red Chanel pumps? I die! :)

Ma fleur chérie said...

totally loving your blog!
and those chanel pumps <3

Sophie said...

Your photos are amazing. I love ece's outfit, she looks amazing and oh.my.goodness. that bag is amazing! xo

StyleSpy said...

My lord, what gorgeous girls!! Really, really stunning, both of them. And I had no idea there was a Turkish Vogue. Is there anywhere that magazine hasn't colonized?

Oh, I wish I were there with you, J. (Although not if I had to stand next to thee two -- I'd suffer pretty badly in comparison!) Maybe next year...s