back on the street: extreme fashionistas

Not that I ever left the street, mind you... just feels like I've been posting non-stop on fashion week long enough.

I'm not saying any of us should try this trick at home, Kittens. You know I only post looks I love - and I do believe that if you don't have anything nice to say.. but there are some rather, uh, interesting things going on here.

But the real reason I'm posting this is, in this in-between period (at least, in London) where it's not quite yet spring, while pastels & white still feels premature, I'm loving the tan/grey colour scheme: with a hint of pink, as per her phone.


Matthew Spade said...

well this makes sense, don't post if you if doesn't feel right, i commend that.

i'd love a pair of trousers that exact same colour, the rich brown one. that would be yum.

re: on the orange subject. tricky one, not that into it other than on socks (on me that is), i'm interested to see your brogue post. i might make the footwear shot a weekly feature on my blog, what do you reckon?

EML said...

exactly what´s going on at the moment.
patterned tights and camel coats are very much my thing right now

cecylia said...

Check out her chunky heels! Cute!

StyleSpy said...

Oh, I LOVE those boots. Sadly, boot season is about over here in Austin. I'll be able to do ankle boots for a bit longer, but it's pretty much too warm for them now.

jill said...

That's so hard to wrap my head around: it being too hot for boots. What English girls wouldn't give to be able to wear that look of: dresses. Ankle boots with big platforms. Bare legs.

There will probably be a window of about an hour, two tops, then it will be summer. The rainy season.

Enjoy the sunshine for us, sunshine!

Mat, Eveline, cecylia good to hear from you. Oh everyone check out Mat's post re: orange socks.