don't you know who I am? (shooting kate lanphear)

I can't tell you how many times recently I've seen on the streetstyle news twitter thing, a post titled 'Kate Lanphear'. And the funny thing is, she's not famous to most people. My husband, Mr. Dot, for one.

'Honey, do you know who Kate Lanphear is?'
'Kate Lanphear? No. Why?'
'Never mind.'

If you're reading this blog, I don't need to explain who she is. (Sorry: Mr. Dot was just asking me 'So who's Kate Lanphear.') I saw her @ LFW.. I think this was her Day Three outfit? She was running into the Somerset House tent thingy, and I ran up to her and, breathless, asked if I could take her photo. (I didn't mention that I joined the Cult of Kate Lanphear facebook group ages ago, and just discovered she's also got a fan club, too. I'm her 1863rd fan).

There isn't much of a story here, I'm afraid. She struck me as polite and ladylike. Her hair is blonder than I expected, somehow I thought it would be white. We didn't exactly have a conversation. In fact I don't think she spoke at all. Just stopped, posed, two clicks*, and she was off in her pixie like hooded platinum coloured coat and iconic black stiletto Loubs.

*Believe it or not, the first two are separate shots. They look identical but when I looked carefully thru her sunglasses (I wear the same ones btw) in one shot she's looking at me - but not seeing me, if you know what I mean - and in the other, she's looking away. But her head never moves. She was very still, for that brief moment. Very still, and serene. It was quite amazing actually.

Just saw a gorgeous shot of her on Easy Fashion (Paris Fashion Week). Boy does that icon get around.


Style Odyssey said...

OOooo, I adore Kate. Well, not exactly, since I don't know her, but I do admire her style very much. She's such an individual, really stands out in a sea of other fashionable but generic-looking people.

I literally just found the blog Easy Fashion via a tweet. And minutes later, I visit your blog and you've mentioned it, too. It's a keeper, so I've added it to my blog roll...been looking for a streetstyle Paris blog like this one.

Jill, you rock! Your FW pics are the best out there!


Unknown said...

How do you get the courage to go up and ask these fashion icons if you can "shoot" them? I'm glad you do!


She wears insanely beautiful, hot-off-the-runway clothes, which she clearly gets gifted...and yet constantly looks miserable...smile Kate!

StreetStyleNews said...

For all of you, who want to check out the 'streetstyle news twitter thing' ;) - here is the link: http://follow.StreetstyleNews.com

Lynn said...

hi jill! how was LFW? Hope you had a great time! this is a great picture of her. it captured her character :)

Leah said...

She's adorable.

Hey Jill, I'm dropping by to congratulate you for being in the Top 10 UK fashion blogs. I'm so happy for you. xoxo

UnoCosa said...

i enjoyed the story - it's always, should i say surprising in one way or another, good or bad, to meet those we've been staring at through media's for long time!

i like how natural those photos are! as if i'm seeing her in real person! thanks for this, xx

the nyanzi report said...

Kate is a style icon in my eyes.
She's the style director at US Elle.
I shot her Loubutins on the same day.
For a closer look go to my blog for LFW day 2 report.

jill said...

Thank you, all.

Leah, what Top 10 UK fashion blogs? Where did you see that? Why am I the last to find these things out? (When I was on a list for Glamour, I didn't found out til a blogger told me ; )

I agree, UnaCosa, it is strange. It's usually strange that they're so normal, the strange thing about Kate was that she stayed absolutely true to character for my experience. It's like with Kate Moss, even tho she famously didn't talk to the media, her real friends + colleagues said she's really gregarious & talkative. I wonder if Kate Lanphear is chatty in private. I'm guessing not. She's probably very smart, very good at her job, but just a really private person. My sister is like that, and I love her all the more for it.

Yes I found Easy Fashion via a tweet, too: a STREETSTYLE NEWS tweet. It really is the best & I"ve added the link (which I intended to) to the post. It really is the best way to see updates, I now find I get to a lot of new blogs thru their tweets.

Let's see.. Martha, how do I get the courage? Easy: I'm doing it for you guys, and the blog, so it's like I've got all your support behind me! I'm actually kind of shy, as most outgoing people often are, and I cringed each time I asked a 'normal' person to shoot them. It's like anything else, you get over it after a while.

And last but not least, Imogen aka Eight: you're so right! I'm SMILING as I type this.

Leah said...

Hi Jill! I saw the list in one of the UK blogs. Here is the link:


Leah said...

Jill, me again, I googled Wikio to check the ranking. They have the February 2010 ranking listed there, and you were #33 then. Wow, what a big leap to the Top 10. Congrats really, I'm so proud of you. xoxo

Ana Frost said...

I have 2 fashion icons (style editor) Anna Wintour and ofcourse
Kate Lanphear, both are so chic!

San said...

She certainly has style and the pictures are fantastic. Well done.

Anonymous said...


What sun-glasses are those?

Belinda said...

Honestly, she just sounds like a really rude, unfriendly snob!