You might have noticed an ongoing series I do with shop windows, especially the Chanel shop at Brompton Cross ('top brasserie', for example). They're really creative there, and I love the attitude of the dummies (I cringe using that word: they definitely would not like me to call them dummies!)

On this particular recent spring like day, after I took this shot, I noticed this woman in the harem pants, staring at the window, deep in decision-making thought.

Meanwhile, a woman bumped smack into me. Usually, Londoners aren't good with bodily contact with strangers, but she was watching the woman deciding, and didn't see me. We stood together, chatting about what a great shot it would make, as I clicked away, and people kept appearing and ruining the shot. The other woman left, I kept shooting, and even when I left, she was still standing there, undecided.

I have a real problem with indecision.

My previous post, for example. For example: I like the upper shot, because I like her face better in it, but the version below shows more of the guy doing the arranging in the window. (I sometimes think life was easier when I shot with my dad's film Pentax: one shot, two, tops, and I'm stuck with whatever I get once the film is developed).

Hence the theory that I've developed long ago. I call it Jill's Three Problem a Day Theory.

I believe life is made of decisions: what to wear, where to go, who to marry, what job to do, whether to turn left or right at the corner. Our life becomes the result of our choices - combined, of course, with chance, serendipity, and everyone else's choices. A good day, our decisions are no more serious than which shoes to buy, or which cupcake to eat. Other days, our choices might be more difficult.

A good day, we're happy with our choices. A bad day, we go to sleep having resolved nothing, or, worse, regretting a choice. But no matter, because tomorrow, we will wake up, and we'll have three new decisions to make.

So how about you? How are your choices turning out today?

Oh btw: a week later, I passed this spot. This is what she ended up choosing. Pretty good, huh? I love the way it's all neutral and Paris catwalk barnyardesque, with a few hints of sorbet colours (lime & tangerine) in the light fixtures.


Anonymous said...

I'm having a very indecisive day, and what's worse is that the decision is very important. I do not like having to do this :(

I like all the shots, especially the one with the guy in the window. It has a good composition I think


the style crusader said...

such cool shots. i love that you captured her trying to decide how the windows should look.... that's what she was doing, right?

decisions today... are going pretty well actually. decided to leave the library early and come home and make some eggs and have a bath. haha, that was a good decision - hung out a bit at sbucks and read there instead. feel clean and have a nice full tummy now. good decisions for sure. xx


Romantic vibe. I love ruffles and sweet sheer fabrics too. :)

Thanks for the credit link by the Bloglovin' icon ;) and let me know when you post that "thing" you told me about. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT!

OMG! I just saw MYSELF in your sidebar. ♥


Yeji Kim said...

She should stand inside the window, and be a model:) her style is the best among those:)