it's all a blur: standing camel cat naps, with floral + tartan accents

It's hard to describe the experience of fashion week unless you've, well, experienced it.

My first time, in September - when I didn't get to a show til the last night - I expended this HUGE amount of energy, running around & shooting & meeting people & absorbing everything, soaking up all this creative wonderfulness, but I got to relax at times, sipping a double shot latte from the Lavazza truck while watching - and shooting - stressed people running in to shows. Even celebrities weren't exempt: they might have drivers taking them there, vs the tube, but still.. it reminded me of commercial air travel: whether you're flying first class or coach, you still have to make the flight.

And just like with air travel, the fact that the flights are always delayed, and we KNOW they'll be delayed, doesn't help. We can't count on it. We still have to get there on time. This year: shooting, with the same intensity, AND running back & forth from Somerset House to the other venues.. well, at times I was one of those stressed out people, too.

But it's the most wonderful kind of stress. It's like each show is an intense, 20 minute holiday in some exotic place. It just means you have to catch up on your sleep anywhere you can. I've seen people nap in the dark in the minutes before shows start. Sometimes, they even manage it on their feet.


Editor said...

Sounds like so much fun! Thanks for all the great pics on your blog :)

Susan said...

hey lovely, thanks for your sweet comment- yes, unfortunately (or not) I have been really busy lately... I hope I can catch up with my reading next week :)
miss you too ;)
have a fab weekend, xoxo

iliketweet said...

Great post, completely describes it! Top notch photos :)



Style Odyssey said...

You describe the hectic pace so vividly.

That kind of stress that you mention, I don't mind a dose of that from time to time. It's exciting!

Have a lovely weekend, J! As for me, I shall be packing and relaxing in between. It's been a tiring week, and I can't even blame it on FW, lol! xoxo

The Photodiarist said...

Really cool, interesting group of photos.

Dulwich_News said...

I like your analogy of air travel, except in my case one thing was different. When you are around the departure gate with a baby, everybody who looks at you hopes that you are not on his or her flight. However, at fashion week so many people were delighted to say hello and I think I introduced my son Arthur to you. Trust all is well and give my best to Mr Dot.

PinkBow said...

i would love to attend a fashion week, maybe one day! thanks for your comment, have linked you too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it all seems like such an intense experience, but I really would like to go someday. I really like the floral leggings she's wearing, my sister showed me some pictures of us when we were younger and I had leggings just like those!!