No! Tell me more! (the edie/andy thing)

Cocktail party chit chat before... possibly Amanda Wakeley? All I know is, it was @ Somerset House, Day 5 (Tuesday).

It really is hard to believe this is still going in with this level of intensity in Paris, as we speak. With some of the same people. I honestly don't know how they do it. I'm just so enjoying this downtime, going thru my photos.. catching up with the new friends I made, and the old ones I neglected.

I still think nothing beats the look of a beautiful girl with very simple, short blond hair. Part of a long line of style icons: Twiggy, Mia Farrow, Edie Sedgwick, Kate Lanphear of course.. Agyness Deyn.. speaking of, have you seen that Agyness has hit the silver screen? Of course you have.

Actually.. at the same event, met this guy. He's got the Warhol effect down perfectly, but made it even better with an ironic faux leopard fur jacket. Love love love black + white striped tees. & Loving the whole Edie/Andy thing.


Style Odyssey said...

Yes indeed!! I'm also quite fond of the "whole Edie/Andy thing". I assume you saw "The Factory"? The actors did a smashing job of portraying the stylish duo.
Once I had my hair cut in a pixie, I wondered what took me so long? Easy, flattering, stylish-- one can understand the appeal of this cut through the decades.
Fab post, J!

jill said...

And let's not forget Stephanie aka Miss S. Odyssey! ; ) I LOVE your pixie!!

It's probably the most liberating thing a woman can do. I mean, look at how the Bob changed the balance of everything in the 1920s. I did it once: got my long locks lopped off, aged about 7. Mr. Dot used to carry around a photo of me with my pixie cut, he loved it (&, come to think of it, lost the photo I bet). I don't know if I'll ever have the balls to do it again. Perhaps when I'm 77 ; )

Leia said...

Awesome pictures, and love the leopard print!

SaraKateSwan said...

Gorgeous pics!!! Love that hair :)



As to your picture, as you wish! I like it a lot too...ah those whirlwind days will always provoke nothing but great memories.

Ooh, bit sentimental there!

I have gone from being a complete Edie obsessive at 17 (my friend and I even snuck into the Chelsea Hotel whilst in NYC seeking the Edie-experience), I am now only mildly infatuated. And will forever wonder what I might look like with a silver pixie-cut... not great, most likely, but hey, wishful thinking.

I could be very much mistaken, but I think the girl with the jazzy crop in the top shot works in the art department at Vogue???

Dream Sequins said...

What a wonderful look. And he pulls it off beautifully without looking costume-y... Hope you are well, Jill! xx