(not quite) tickled pink

To be filed under the 'don't you know who I am': before the Jaeger show, while shooting my future friend Natalie (canned fashion) and her friend/colleague, Lucy, of model me now, (see 'hot pink!'), when I saw this girl, all alone, seeming not to know anyone. Kept trying to get her to raise her head, higher, higher.. her eyes were in such harsh shadow from her hat. I was getting a bit impatient, she was, too.. she had a nice smile, a 'professional' smile, and I didn't get a model vibe from her but asked anyway, because it's always a compliment.

No, I'm not a model, she said. She told me she's a 'presenter'. Oh, shit. I did it again: insulted another celebrity. I do this all the time. So I started telling her about what a clueless old cow I am, I never recognise anyone, and asked if I she'd mind telling me who she worked for. Her smile was getting tighter, her eyes narrower. 'E! Entertainment', she replied, as the temperature dropped a few degrees in the large crowded room. 'Uh, okay, well, thank you for posing for my blog..' Did I give her my card? God knows.

Later, I saw her across from me at the show, along with Erin & some other no doubt important people who I didn't recognise. it got even weirder later, at home, as I thought she had said her name was 'Jen' and I saw that Jennifer Garner had done some presenting for 'E!' (they do look quite similar) and thought, damn, I've pissed off Ben Affleck's wife, but thanks to David of the Nyanzi report, I discovered - when I saw the shot I took - that it is after all, Louise Roe. A presenter. For E! Mystery solved. Whew. Still haven't heard from her, tho.

Still really into that hot pink, btw. Especially on brunettes like myself. We're going with friends to a Phillips de Pury art event tonight - they're always the best - and I'm probably going to wear something hot, and pink.


daisychain said...

So with you on the hot pink love.

Also LOVE to you, thank you for the e-mail, I shall reply tonight/tomorrow xx

the style crusader said...

haha. you are too cute. for 2 reasons:
1. hot, and pink.
2. for thinking she was jennifer garner.

looked her up on wiki and according to that all-knowing source of knowledge she has done some modeling...
have fun tonight! xx

Susan said...

she's so beautiful!

check out my Alexia Admor giveaway :)

Olivia said...

I always look at your lovely pictures first and then read the text - terribly impatient! :) And I have to say that I didn't recognise her in the firt picture - it's the hat & shadow! But by the runway image it all became clear, Louise Roe! She used to do Vogue TV I think?

I hope she gets in touch - but at least now you can breath easy knowing you haven't got on the wrong side of the Affleks! xx

Pearl Westwood said...

Ha ha Jill you always make me laugh, to be honest besides Erin O I have no idea who any of that Frow are!?!?

Jack Daniel said...

Well, never apologize to celebs. If you don't recognize Lady Gaga, and she gives you the 'you've-never-heard-of-meeeee-before?'...just ignore it. :)

the nyanzi report said...

Hey Jill.
Thanks for the UK style thing and the reference about Louise.
Her smile is infectious.
She's been around for ages since those days of the 'Clothes Show with Caryn Franklin.'

I do a bit of designing on the side for private clients. Nothing major.

Actually I'm currently working on a 'fashion week bag' that's gon carry everything including the kitchen sink.
I would like to know what you usually carry to FW so I can make it as functional as possible:(light, easy access, beautiful and water proof).

Have fun at Jen's cupcake do.
I won't be there coz I'm away.

I don't know what blog rolls are but you can just become a follower to get auto updates daily (may be that's what it is...?)

Cecylia said...

Everyone in front row is gorgeous

StyleSpy said...

Sorry, but she sounds thoroughly unpleasant. So you don't know who she is. It's not like shes the Queen, for pete's sake.

I do really like those pants, though.

jill said...

See, if it were the Queen, I'd know her!!

It was a strange cultural thing: it's not like she did anything overtly cruel or unkind. Later, when a really nice guy, David, asked me to shoot him with her, she posed for the shot with that wide smile, and the second it was over, said she had to run. It's not like she had any friends with her: of course she didn't have to run that exact second.

It hit me after all these years here, (and visits home of course), that's the difference: an English woman would be more subtle if she was blowing someone off.

I've only had nice experiences with this blog so far, and only rarely does someone turn down being photographed (and usually because they're convinced they don't photograph well, and I can't convince them otherwise, which his a shame: that's why I asked them in the first place!). But this was different. She was happy to be photographed, she just didn't want to be .. friendly. It wasn't me she was slighting, it was David.

If that hadn't happened with him, I wouldn't have given her a thought. I'm more protective of other people's feelings, I guess. Being a guy, I'm sure it didn't even pass under the radar.

But the bottom line: we don't GET E! Entertainment here! I only know it from before we left. No one knew who she was. Maybe that's why she was so glum.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

LOL! I don't recognize her, probably because E isn't on my desired list of TV watching, sorry E! Pity that beautiful smile didn't come with any real warmth. This world has too many celebs in my opinion, and I couldn't name half of them.

You take such great pics and tell such great stories....and I'm looking forward to the next one. xo. -Bella Q

jill said...

Funny you said that, Bella: of all the 'real' (civilian) people I've shot, unless they're looking serious in a photo on purpose, when they smile, they smile with their eyes. We're usually talking and joking when I'm shooting and that's what comes thru in the shot. Even with the odd celeb or model, when they're smiling, it's real. This girl... it was strange, it was just such a mask she put up. It was like schoolgirl stuff.

I don't mind someone being rude to me - I've got enough friends! - but when I saw her being dismissive to that nice guy David, who was paying her a compliment by wanting to be photographed with her, I thought, that's not right.

Thank you for saying that, I don't like to say even slightly critical things about people I post: my feelings are, if they did me the honour of letting me put their image on the internet - because I like something about them - they must not be ridiculed by me, or anyone else, and I will protect them (somehow, tho, bloggers respect that: I've rarely, if ever, had to delete a comment for being critical.

But somehow I feel that for people who are professionally in the public eye, they should be held to certain standards, and open to constructive criticism.

So, Louise, if you're reading this - which I'm sure you're not - here's a tip: if you don't want to be photographed, just politely tell us so. If you don't want to interact with the public, don't fly to different cities and sit in the front row of our fashion shows. If you do: treat us as human beings, with courtesy, and not as unpaid servants to help raise your profile.