Ox·ford (äks′fərd)
city in SC England; county seat of Oxfordshire & the site of Oxford University: county district pop. 110,000

ox·ford (äks′fərd)
a type of low shoe laced over the instep
also oxford shoe
a cotton or rayon fabric with a basketlike weave, used for shirts, etc.
also oxford cloth

Oxford is also the name of this Hot Guy, who was part of an Esquire thing @ LFw. (And, in an unrelated weird coincidence, my husband, Mr. Dot, used to be publisher of said magazine). I shot the whole trilogy, but you'll see that another time: don't want too much of a good thing all at once, do we, girls? (or, boys).

Speaking of cute guys in suits, can't wait til 10:00, Greenwich Mean Time: next installment of Mad Men!

Thank you for your sweet get well comments (you know who you are), it's really worked. That, and Migraleve. (And while we're at it, thank God for Mr. Dot, who brought them home for me). I'm almost feeling human again, but I lost the day. Oh well, as Scarlett O'Hara would say, luckily tomorrow is another one.

Speaking of Oxford, I'm hoping we'll go there Saturday for the literary festival. Also, speaking of oxfords, as we used to call them in the US of A, I really want a new pair. Or rather, BROGUES, as they call them here. Odd, but after all, the French don't call them french fries, do they? Or, for that matter, french toast.

p.s.: Didn't know at the time, but Jen, the Style Crusader, has posted on Kate Kanzier's fabulous & really cheap oxford/brogues ('dear mom, i need some new shoes...'. I'm dying to know what the catch is, & am meeting her there tomorrow, before our 1st Cupcake Friday in Covent Garden. If you're in town, you're invited, Cupcakes! Meanwhile, can't decide between the jade green & the blue.. or perhaps the nude pair..


Rosalind said...

Fantastic photos! And I have always wanted to visit Oxford.. It is top of my list of places in Britain to visit. Incidentally, I also love wearing brogues (or oxfords!). That reminds me a little of you 'what fashion gender are you?' question. I love to pair brogues with floral skirts or sixties dresses- that whole masculine/ feminine mix.
Gld to hear the migraine is feeling better too..


daniela kate morosini said...

that's a very very pretty man! oxford is a lovely city, if you go, pick up a copy of velvet, it's a free style magazine they have and it's lovely! office are good for brogues :)
i've taken migraleve before, booo xx

the style crusader said...

oh i love this post! and certainly feel the theme is close to my heart. i am hoping we can fill your brogue/oxford craving on friday... am just about to pop up my post on the shoes. xx

ztlhsn said...

OMG. I love.

Susan said...

great look, really elegant!
I am visiting Oxford in April- yay! :)))

TheStreetFashion5xpro said...

very glam man

Chloe said...

Nice looking guy, he looks like a model!

Twigart said...

It's great to see Oxford being featured on your style blog, it tends to get so over looked. Wonderful image.