the power of burberry

This was shot on Tuesday, so I'm guessing this model was in the Basso and Brooke show (which I saw, I'll post that soon, too). I love her huge oversized (possibly boyfriend's) Shearling jacket.

Just thinking aloud about the power Burberry has.. or the vision of Christopher Bailey. I mean, until two weeks ago, our imagination was totally captured by trenches. Now, it's materials like Shearling.. which came first? Is it a trend because he featured it on the catwalk, or did he feature it because he's got such a sense of social trends?


the style crusader said...

i love this. i totally agree, shearling is totally beautiful. i think trenches are still going to be popular though... it's hard to know about which came first - the trend or the runway? it's not as if shearling is new though. my mother-in-law has an oversized shearling coat like that one from the 80s. i guess what goes around comes around? xx

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THAT JACKET! Lots of love for that jacket, I want it on my back right now!

Actually any shearling jacket would be amazing.

I'm not too sure if this trend was created by Burberry, I've been seeing quite a lot before. But I agree, what goes around comes around.


sofiasophie said...

a trench will be a trench,ever & ever....
i like her bag ( & her hair too!)

jill said...

I agree with each of you: yes, a trench will always be a trench, and now that it's finally getting warmer, I'll be wearing one, I'm sure. And I think these things come in waves, and it's just shearling's turn again (it seems a kind of sixties/seventies thing, no?), and Mr. Bailey picked up on that.

But after looking it up in wikipedia (curiousity) I really hope not: it's made out of little lambs. Maybe if you can nab your mother-in-law's, Jen, you could save a few of them.


Pretty girl!

Love the jacket :)


The Photodiarist said...

Yes to that Jacket!