there's still something about mary: going digital

Last September, when I was wandering around the exhibition part of London Fashion Week, there was something about this display that really caught my inspiration. Seated in front of the row of FABULOUS digital patterned frocks hanging from a stark white metal rack, on a simple white chair that could have been in front of a whitewashed house in Greece, was a woman.

It wasn't Mary, it was her mum. I wanted to include her in the photo, she was so striking and stylish, but she sweetly said 'oh you don't want me in it' and moved out of the shot. ('there's something about mary..' September 2009)

There's something about a woman who has such a nice mum, for starts. I feel a kind of pride of ownership that Mary Katrantzou's star is rising and rising. Her voice is so clear and strong, her vision so exciting. And it's funny: I'm hearing a lot of buzz lately about digital patterns, especially by British designers (Mary is from Greece originally, but as she shows in London, she's an honorary Brit, I feel: like me ; )

More about digital prints on Style My Wardrobe, or the Business of Fashion (21st February). And click here & scroll down, to see Miroslava Duma (Russian Harper’s Bazaar) in one of the dresses from this rack. Or, same girl, same dress, on elle.com. Thank you, Streetstyle News! (That guy is omniscient, I swear).

For those of you who want to ease into this big bold trend with a minimum of financial commitment, Mary K has just launched a small limited line for Topshop. Shown here, a sleeveless print dress in colours I'm really excited about at the moment - turquoise and green - for £55.00. I've actually been wearing big bold patterns from time to time, for years - nothing digital yet, as it wasn't available - but I'm definitely into it. It's so opposite to the other thing I'm already wearing all the time: soft, pale, neutral nudes. It's such an exciting season: we're so spoilt for choice.

Where do you stand? Have you gone digital yet?


the style crusader said...

whoa! i LOVE this. the collection that is hanging from the rail is seriously striking and totally stunning. it's totally insane and amazing. i'm not as keen on the topshop one... seems to have shapes that slightly resemble the female private regions (i.e. strategically placed heart?). don't think i would want to wear that... but i do adore the others. i think they are amazing. maybe this is going to be one of those trends that is okay at the high street price by just WAY more phenomenal in the original designer version? xx

jill said...

I think you're absolutely right, Style Crusader. Why does that have to be the case? I'm looking at the Rack: why not do one of those on a white background? (I see what you mean about the female private regions: what's that phrase: lady parts???)

I guess there always has to be a difference... just so we know. Like flying first class vs steerage. Or having a seated vs standing ticket to fashion week. Or royalty, vs civilians.

Susan said...

LOVE! absolutely stunning.

hey, darling, I have changed the name and url of my blog to http://www.thesugardiaries.com. please, update it in your lists :) thanks, xxx

StreetStyleNews said...

Agree - these designs are fabulous!
Mira Duma - who is one of the usual suspects to appear on streetstyle blogs - got even more attention when wearing Mary K last October in Paris. Besides this post on Elle's Street Chic, she was seen on several other blogs in that outfit!


jill said...

Thank you, Streetstyle Steve! ; ) (that's not his real name btw: just my little nickname). I love watching how these things travel. Mira looks great in the dress. x

Ekaterina said...

Omg! I love these, such a strong concept.