variations on a sorbet popsicle

An ex boyfriend - much younger than me - used to use this word: meme (click on it if you have time: wikipedia explains it best). It's something I'm fascinated with: how ideas travel, take on a life of their own. Everything we're doing with our blogs is a perfect example. Everyone suddenly feeling like wearing oxfords (okay, BROGUES).. even the underwear-as-outerwear thing (I saw that phrase AGAIN in the style section and said to myself I'm going to start charging them: it's MY phrase!) but of course, I can't.

We can't own a meme.

A meme has a life of its own.

For example: the phrase 'sorbet colours' to describe a current trend. Almina, of Rare, mentioned it to Jen & I when we visited for Press Day (more about that to come) and then the brilliantly talented Shini of Park & Cube showed up to Ella's Cupcakes - maybe an hour or two after we heard it. We both photographed her, at separate times, each dragging her off somewhere. It never occurred to either of us to ask 'which spot did you shoot Shini at', or even to see each other's photos - so we didn't know we'd done a photo shoot in the SAME SPOT (and oddly, Shini didn't mention it). So much was going on at once, anyway.

So the next morning, I thought to myself 'I'm going to do a post on Shini and call it 'sorbet colours and popsicle days', was toying with variations of that theme, but I posted Hedvig's shot first. Then I went to her fab Style Crusader blog.. well, read her post, because she basically said everything I was thinking. One thing she didn't mention, tho, was that Shini's nail varnish was orangey red on one hand and pale turquoise on another: I do that, too: I like the relationship between two unexpected colours. Oh, and Hedvig had the same turquoise nails.. which I'm typing with now.. and at least two or three of those present had large, turquoise rings... everything is connected, that's all I'm saying. It's all good. It's all a Sign. I get great comfort in knowing we're all on the same page.

Shini's tangerine jacket is from Reiss, not sure who made her mint sorbet jeans, her peach gelato pumps are by Kate Kanzier (more about that brand, also to come!), lacey coconut custard shirt is vintage. It's a rainy day ANd a Monday, which usually gets me down: perfect day for a sorbet refresher course.


Iris / London Fashion Diary said...

Her outfit is really original, but it works perfectly!
Ahh,I want the sun to come back!!

Iris xxx

the Citizen Rosebud said...

love the styling. adorable.

The Photodiarist said...

Ahh . . . but Shini knew. Love her look, as always.

Almina said...

Oh wow Jill, being quoted is an honour! I love this look. I want the pics for my mag to show in one wonderful image what the trend is about. Shini looks incredible x

Leah said...

Shini knew how to carry the sorbet colors and she does it so well. She is so pretty. :-)

Style At Every Age said...

A great look and I love the fact it is finished off with those gorgeous nude shoes.

charles said...

Thank you for sharing the definition and concept of a meme. Someone i once knew called this phenomenon a "turtle". "You both shot Shini in exactly the same spot?, what a turtle!"

I am so happy to know this word exists, and so happy to have found your blog. It is a real gem.
Thank you.

jill said...

Exactly, Photodiarist! Shini knew ; )

Charles, I never heard that turtle thing. But my friend Robin has this theory I call 'Robin's 24 hour theory' which is that, when you hear something new out of the blue, chances are within 24 hours, someone unrelated will mention it. Will keep my eye out for turtles now.

So, Charles.. you didn't ask us to read your blog. Which got me curious. It's called 'this thing so far'. Great title. You're an architect, in Venica, CA, the place where I'd give anything to live. No posts yet. But you follow the Photodiarist. So you can bet I'll be watching this space!

Almina, you started this all off. I'm curious - you must have heard it from somewhere.. would be interesting to track this phrase, like creatures in the wild. How do you want the shots? Email me if you'd like, or you can drag these off, if you dont mind just credit me, please.

Thank you all on Shin's behalf. Leah, just think, someday this could be you. jCx

Almina said...

Ooh thanks so much. Will email you tomorrow. Will track through my press and blog visits and see where the first viewing of the phrase came... but Rare have a high summer trend with the title coming in May and that was planned in about two months ago at design stage so will be good to see where the circle started. Very interesting how it all comes about and spreads. x

the style crusader said...

love these photos jill! that is so funny that we shot her in the same spot, that's where i shot hedvig and kaz the week before. no one can get in the background! oh, and i think shini's jeans are from zara... xx

jill said...

i just can't believe shini didn't mention it. the little minx ; )

and yes, almina: i agree. i love this stuff, it's like being an anthropologist. or on a david attenborough documentary, only with people + their habitats.

Susan said...

love those pumps!

Style Slicker said...

Shini's style is gorgeous as always!!! Loved the close up shot of her ring.