rupert: pretty in pink

I love Rupert Sanderson. Altho I haven't met him personally, I like everything about him, especially his shoes. And my visit to his recent press day was just so lovely in every way: sunny and light and pretty and his colleagues are just so nice. His design ethos is 'less is more' and yet what I saw in that sunshiney room was such a variety of styles, shapes, colours, textures: each a sculptural work of art.

When I first met Dolly Jones, editor of UK Vogue.com, what I met first were her favourite Sanderson sandals, the Estelle, in our mutual favourite, pale turquoise.

But really, at the moment what I'm loving is pink. Hot pink, with orange and a bit of black, or pale ballet pink with white, or black. And some green. And I loved the way that while it was technically next Autumn/Winter's collection, I could happily wear everything now, and into the summer.

Thank you to Alex for the invite, the perfect pistachio macaron, for the option to have a complimentary manicure or pedicure (which I stupidly declined), and for not minding me putting the shoes on the same table as the food.

All photos by me at Rupert Sanderson press day, and the cherry blossoms were in Hyde Park.


Kathleen said...

I love this post -- I wear black and pink a lot. Are your cherry blossoms still in bloom? Where I live, we are just starting to get buds.

Glenn Jacob said...

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The Photodiarist said...

So good to hear from you! Thanks for the comment. I've been so busy lately . . . I haven't been stopping by my fave blogs as much as I'd like.

Love Rupert Sanderson too, BTW.

style odyssey said...

i'm glad to know this shoe label- it's new to me. i adore the patent pumps, first image...and of course i love the black zip-up pair!

Alice Olive said...

So pretty! I particularly love the first image.