because everyone needs a little laduree

My friend Hind has just left London, and I miss her. We haven't been friends very long - since sometime in March. I had a quota to fill for a lovely LA company that was sending me out to spot trends in London, and she was wearing the perfect outfit for my 'ladylike Chanel' theme ( 'cuckoo for coco'). Last month or so, we'd been kicking around a plan to meet for coffee and she kept mentioning Laduree, which I'd never been to.

Well the morning we met, I'd been having a really rough time with some Mean Girls I was doing a freelance project with, and which I've since ended, waiving any fee, just to be free of them. I was feeling really low, beat up, that schoolgirl feeling, and she was just so lovely, so kind. We were on this theme of 'what is WRONG with these women?'

I really do feel there are two types of women in this world: those who see other women as competition, and those who see women as sisters. And sitting in these gorgeous surroundings, evocative of childhood memories of all things Parisian (altho I hadn't yet gone, it was just in my imagination).. located in a corner of Harrods, sipping lattes and nibbling on the most magical, transporting, dense, intense flavours in deceptively pale packaging.. I started to feel whole again. We talked of our parents, our husbands, her children, life, death, love, grief, joy, for over two hours, and at the time neither of us knew (altho she had an inkling) that she'd be soon moving from London, back to Morrocco, where her father was born (her mother was Parisian), and where her husband is from.

It may seem like a small thing, but while I was in the ladies' room, she swiftly, quietly, settled the bill. She said I could get it 'next time.' My dear friend Jodi did the same thing that week, at another favourite place, Casa Brindisi, when I was also whinging to her about those same Mean Girls. Those two visits, with strong, gentle, wise, beautiful women, were just the nourishment I needed. Those moments, and a few others in beautiful settings with equally beautiful friends, like my dear friends Amanda and Bronwyn, turned around the direction of my spring and summer. I guess what I'm saying is, every once in a while, we all need a little Laduree.

I remember reading that Sophia Coppola, who was based in Paris at the time when she created the magnificent film, Marie Antionette, brought a box of macarons to a meeting and told the production designer: I want my film to look and feel exactly like these macarons.

What does this have to do with fashion? Nothing really, except that back in March, Hind predicted that this season we'd start out wanting bold colours, but as the weather got warmer, we'd move towards pale pastels and floaty flirty dresses in mint greens, pale pinks, beige and corals and turquoise. The colours, in fact, of those magic macarons.


Lacey Starr said...

This was a lovely post, and I guess, just what I needed this morning. As for starting out bold and moving toward pale, ha!, that's exactly what has happened to me.

jill said...

There you go! : )

Thank you. Hope your day turns out absolutely magical, Lacey.

Anonymous said...

Love the last look. And really wanting a macaroon now! xx

Cheryl said...

So here I am, the girl in the last pic! nice meeting u in a beautiful summer afternoon in V&A the other day! btw any chance u send the pics u took for me&my bf bak to us? xoxo

Jem said...

i love the whole post... expecially the macaroons and the beautiful last photograph. deffently a good prediction, all i want to wear right now is pastel colours. please check out my blog http://framestheworld.blogspot.com/ thanks!

P. Dot said...

Cheryl: how funny! Was just about to look up your email to send you the pics - this was just the start, I'm planning on doing a little 'story' on you and the bf, it was so delightful meeting you both! Thank you for finding me - please send me an email with your address just in case.

Jem: love your blog! Love the concept, and spent a few minutes looking around. Loved that 'I'm not okay' shot, and esp the top one! Happy to swap links if you'd like.

Anonymous said...

Jill, I love that you weave personal thoughts and feelings into your blog...then bring it back to the fashion... the shots of the pastel macaroons left me wanting to enter the picture to sip an iced coffee with you.

Cheryl said...

looking forward to hear from u~