day for night

Well you learn a new thing every day (one hopes). I wanted to name this post 'Day for Night' because I remember a great Truffaut film of the same name, called thus because of the process of shooting film at daytime so it appears to be Night. This was the opposite: it was too dark inside to shoot without flash (or a high end digital camera) so I brought Carry, and her daughter Sienna (shown here) outside separately.

I really hope you don't mind me showing them both so much (see last week's post, or even yesterday's for that matter!) It's not like I'm doing their PR or getting any kind of kickback 'promoting' them, it's just they've each got this incredible quality of being able to pose very still and serenely, which is what was needed because it really was Night at this point, and I was shooting it oh so slow: for Day. And I just love both their colours, love how it changes once you get outside - love every single shot - and especially, love what they're wearing. Sienna sourced and styled this herself - the dress from Spitalfield's market, and the belt is actually a band from one of her mom's hats!

So what new thing did I learn? It's not that big a deal but when I googled 'day for night, truffaut', good old Wikipedia explained that the original, french, title is 'La Nuit américaine' (I don't think that's an error: I think they deliberately made it lower case). More on it here. So technically, the title of this post is 'American Night'. And now I'm really in the mood to watch that film again, see if it holds up over time. I recall it being very French, a bit vague, a bit je ne sais quoi, and I just assumed at the time I was too young - and too American - to get the nuances.

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Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Both she and the dress are simply divine.