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Something else I've seen enough times in London recently to call a trend (or, the seeds of a future trend): gold insignia embroidery on breast pockets of blazers. It looks most effective on genuine school blazers, esp. mixed with floaty lacey feminine touches, like a lace bra deliberately showing ('portrait of an artist...') or over the lovely summery dress on Phillipa, at Phillips de Pury recently. By the way: I've cropped this shot of my friend Shauna because frankly I'm getting bored of the same standard top-to-toe shot, plus her eyes looked a bit mad in the shots. Bordering on manic. And I keep wishing, seeing these shots now, that I'd pulled her jacket down in the back, as it's bunching up round her neck. What I'd love to know is: has anyone outside London been wearing this look? Any gold details on breast pocket sightings round the world? I'm tracking trends like other people track homing pigeons.

Still, a breast pocket on a black or navy jacket (or even maroon) is a great and novel place to throw a bit of bling. I knew it was a sign of trends to come when I saw Charlie, from Big Brother, looking hot in a fine knit, jet black v neck tee, with gold insignia detailing on the breast pocket. Soon as I can source his, I'll let you know! Or better yet: has anyone else noticed it? Did I dream it?

Just back from a fabulous time in North Wales with the in-laws & extended family. Totally knackered. xoxo


sophie la-la-la x said...

wow thats an amazing blazer! it would look really nice with a graphic tee and some ripped up faded shorts!
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sophie x

jC said...

exactly! and really high heel multi strap sandals :)

will visit your blog shortly - watching the end of a great film w/The Husband. thanks for visiting!

street angel said...

This is a great jacket.

Unknown said...

I want a crazy sloppy embroidered blazer! O.k. I think that's the next thing on my shopping list...a plain tight blazer and I will try some DIY on it. I love these pictures! I am so sorry I haven't been consistent with my commenting and posting but I was away but anyway...I am posting now.
check out my trendy blog!

dot said...

Oh, TD, you're forgiven! : ) It's not mandatory - and I am so so grateful whenever you or anyone else comments, I love reading them(&always want to comment back but keep forgetting - it's not the same as sending an email or text, you're not always reading my reply). Hope you had fun wherever you were.. will have to check it out on YOUr trendy blog!

Jimena said...

yeah, I like those little golden details on breast pockets!
Ralph Lauren also has that kind of blazers in their usual preppy style, really cool to combine it with some shorts or a cute dress.

jC said...

To be perfectly honest, -h, I agree, I've seen this before, and I hesitated about showing the whole outfit. I feel the blazer is what's interesting, only when played against something unexpected, like lacy or sheer or a vintage bold printed tee shirt with worn denim shorts, or as Jimena said, a cute dress. Otherwise, it's classic, but without the twist!