diamonds are a foot's best friend

I have long been a fan of Giuseppe Zanotti's work (see Postcards from Palm Beach, last Easter) but recently had a Breakfast at Tiffany moment on the sacred grounds of Brompton Cross (206 Walton Street, SW3, to be exact). This is actually a street shot: I was on the outside, looking in longingly, as some lucky woman was trying on this very sandal with what I hope was her son. I think it's time we shake up tradition a bit, and switch from rings to shoes for a man to show his commitment, good intentions, and undying love.

There's a sale on now, so Mr. Dot, if you're reading this, I'm a size 37 UK.


christine said...

Are they real Diamonds?

StyleSpy said...

Mmmmm, sparkly.

I agree -- I'd find a good pair of sandals much more romantic than a diamond ring.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Can't you just picture Carrie Bradshaw racing up and down the sidewalks of New York City with these beauties strapped about her feet? Love them! :)

Lynn said...

oohh... this reminds me so much of my wedding shoes. zanotti's too!! i posted it on my blog (1st post of april). havent worn them again yet as im afraid to ruin them. but i will one of these days!

Dot said...

how wild, Lynn, one more coincidence. just found the post, commented, & if anyone's curious what Lynn's Zanotti wedding shoes look like, here you go:

CF: yes, I certainly can. And coincidentally AGAIN, someone commented on the next post ('blue skies') about Carrie Bradshaw, too. spooky.