got your back(pack)

It was a really hot, oppressively hot day, and I was heading home slowly via Regent's Street, which was heaving with shoppers, mostly tourists. I followed this girl, not just as a stalker, but because we were headed in the same direction, but I was fascinated with her backpack & her cool attitude. I never saw her face.

Until a bit later, when I emerged onto Picadilly, and there she was, walking towards me. Smile! You're dotted.


Stephanie Clayton said...

sweet breezy summer dress, and i like that she's paired those shoes with it (instead of the expected flip-flops or sandals). it's back-packer chic!

Unknown said...

Her bag is so hip and her dress is so breezy and light, and intresting mixture with her Doc Martin like boots!

Kate said...

backpacker chic! so true. x

Unknown said...

Just seeing and reading this post, which I've been staring at it for at least 5 minutes, I just can't stop laughing!! This is hilarious how you followed her as a stalker and took a picture of her heading towards you. Poor girl doesn't even know! I think that's whats so funny! Lovely pictures.
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P. Dot said...

I know! I thought it was hysterical, too! I even kind of smiled at her because I was laughing to myself, thinking 'she doesn't know!' (whoever you are - if you see this - it was only a compliment, I love the look & I'll send you the shots if you'd like).
This kind of thing happens to me all the time, TD. I'll miss out on someone great because I was with someone or whatever, and then later I'll see that same person again in another part of town.. for ex I met a really nice dutch model named Helene on Bond St and later in the day, ran into her waiting for a bus on Picadillyl!
by the way, I do love your trendy blog ; ))