like a walk in the park

Hyde Park. Taking the Canon for a spin with my old man. Oh these aren't my dogs either.


Unknown said...

Beautiful Pictures! Love the women ensembles. I love how the dogs leashes are tangled one on top of the other! AHH! You got a Canon too! Trust me it wont disappoint you! It is a wonderful camera to take pictures with! Of course you like your dads camera and can shoot with that but instead of having your unruly puppy...now you have a tamed lion in case of emergencies!
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Anonymous said...

fun shot- love the dog tangle...these guys do it effortlessly.
How do you like the camera? Digital?

Suze said...

Honourable mention to the baby that's checking out the doggies; he so wants to pet them! ;-)

I got me a little Canon Powershot digital camera in 2001. Best toy I ever had - I can take it everywhere and I've got really nice photos with it (like these of my doggie - 1, 2, 3). I love it! Of course, the quality doesn't compare to what you can get with your Pentax (your photos look so ...crisp - everyone looks so smart in their clothes).

I think it's about time I get me an updated version (maybe with recording capability - I have also bought recordersss... and they have been a waste of money because I find them too heavy to carry around; shame on me).

Jill, maybe all these encounters with doggies mean you should get yourself a furry little friend :)