put on your dancing shoes

Remember Olivia? Hot summer day, Carnaby Street? (While we're at it, anyone remember summer?)

Finally got the rolls developed of the rest of her shoot. I'm so thrilled with each shot that rather than dump a ton here, I'll just bring them back in the future. This one includes the bag - I forgot all about the bag!! Can you see it's a big black bow? This season it's supposedly all about the shoes, but I'm sorry, this is a fabulous bag.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I need that bag! :)

Anonymous said...

love the outfit- not the shoes- she needs a great pump to carry the look

Dot said...

CF: I know! Isn't it great! I think everything's vintage - 'bits & bobs', as Olivia put it. Nothing majorly designer-y.

MD: Absolutely, at night, that would be brilliant. That day was so hot, and they were clearly covering a lot of ground, so those flats are actually more practical, is my guess. I love them with those tights, but killer heels would make that transition to a great going out @ night look.

Antonio Barros said...

Cute look!!!!

Suze said...

I love it all!, except maybe the shades - not so much my style - and the bag really is super: just the right size (& colour) and that great bow. The only thing I wouldn't wear with the outfit is the stockings; I love them and use things like it frequently but I don't feel they match all that well the rest of the look.