tokyo rose

Was trying out my new digital Canon on Saturday @ the V&A and saw this lovely girl from Tokyo tottering carefully across the lawn. My first impression from a distance was of a geisha: something in the way she walked so carefully in her shoes.

I can't tell you why this outfit works so well on this specific day: she's got little feminine touches, but it's also Saturday Casual with her great hoodie. I bet there's something light and pretty under it, but she's also prepared for the shower that happened minutes after. The only impractical thing in her outfit, in fact, is her shoes, and I'd bet my bottom US dollar she's got a pair of backup flats in that great, waterproof Adidas bag.

Can you see her in this shot, eating her lunch? She told me her name but I couldn't spell it, so I'm hoping she's kept that card & will get in touch. The funny thing is, I picked the title before I really looked at the shot of her shoes. Once again, serendipity reigns!


Stephanie Clayton said...

she is absolutely adorable! i love those star earrings she's wearing.

Anonymous said...

oh I love her she's so effortlessly casual but also feminine :)
nicky x

Rosalind said...

Great mixture of feminine and masculine elements..
I really like those shoes alot! They almost look like they've been sculpted or designed by an architect (:


jC said...

I thought so, too: she said they're from somewhere in Tokyo but didn't indicate they were any particular known designer. To me, the way she walked in them - while carrying a sandwich on wet grass - reminded me of a geisha walking in traditional block shoes - but with a more sculptural, feminine twist.

And Stephanie: I didn't even see the star earrings til I looked at the shot after! I love them, too. I really hope she holds onto my card, and at some point emails me, as I've got a few questions! Plus she was really sweet.

Cafe Fashionista said...

She's so cute! What an amazing camera! :)

Moomby said...

great shoes! i also love that you talk about what and who your shooting!

Vicki said...

this girl could be a model she has such a pretty face, love her shoes!! reminds of memoirs of a geisha may have to go read it again now!
Much love from Ireland xx

Suze said...

She's very cute and has great sense of style. Her shoes are fabulous and they look rather comfortable to me.

I specially like those footies, though (She has made me research them on the web to order!); I have never cared for the "natural" looking ones because I find them unattractive and would not like them to show at all, but these you almost want people to notice them! The lace is so feminine.

dot said...

Yeah, that's what I loved, too! In fact I came up with that title 'Tokyo Rose' before I realised there's actually a rose motif in the 'footsies' (what a great word). I always thought those nude ones were so lame, but it's hard to walk around in bare feet and heels like that. This is such an elegant solution: it just peeks out from the shoe, like a bit of a lace bra peeking out from under a blazer. Very sexy & feminine.