hello kitty! (super dry)

Was going dog walking with my friend Bronwyn for one of the last times before they moved across town, and we saw this couple from I THINK Hong Kong. They were so sweet about the shoot but I haven't heard from them yet and forgot their names. I just know her shirt is from Hong Kong, and I can tell she's got a Louis Vuitton bag, Adidas hat, and long Calvin Klein Jeans cardigan, because I can read. Perhaps some of you out there are better at sourcing this than me. Oh, and I can make out the guy in her sunglasses on the left, and that's me and Bronwyn on the right. I love his tee shirt: love a guy who's Super Dry.

Shot on Gloucester Road, London.


The Photodiarist said...

The T-shirt. L.O.V.E.

Style Odyssey said...

she looks cute as a button! i love the wash of his jeans.

Unknown said...

The sunglasses effect on the last picture....priceless! I love that on all sunglasses pictures!! Both the man and the woman look so good in terms of clothing. I also have to say the same thing but applied to their relationship...if that's what they have. I don't know why...but sometimes I feel like fashion and style can be found more often and easily on that side of the planet! USA...not so much. I don't mean this as an insult, but it's kind of true. I asked my cousin about it and he told me it was a cultural thing, but honestly I don't know. LOVE the shots!
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