camel back

Let's play: Guess Which Catwalk.

Hint: I LOVE this designer, and have posted on him before. Natalie (of Canned Fashion) was mentioning recently how she's loving caramel tones lately, and even tho I'm not normally a red person, I just love this combination. (btw she mentioned it on a fabulous blog award/game that I was tagged for, too, by the vivacious force of nature that is Imogen, of EIGHT. I am a slacker, it's true, and also totally intimidated by both of their posts. I'll get there, just give me time).

Speaking games, looks like we've got a winner for WHOSE SHOES, altho technically she still has to figure out the 2nd part.. watch this space.


UnoCosa said...

i've been thinking nothing but camel color ...

darling, thank you so much for the lovely words... it made me so very happy! yes, not everyday is good day - but whether good or bad, it's a day, nevertheless!!!

hope yours was fabulous, xx

Cristi Silva said...

I love the people taking pictures of her...I have no idea what designer....I will try to find out for sure!!!hmmmmmmmm

OOOO and the silver dipped shoes! AWESOME!

Natalie Hughes said...

So, of course, I LOVE this coat. I'm having a love affair with capes at the moment. Nx

P.s. Thanks for the mention :)

Shini said...

Hehee I know but I won't say! :D Or should I hehe
I absolutely loved how the lining was that colour, it was such an unexpected colour considering the theme was quite serious and rest of the colours muted or predictable military... The model's burning hair is a perfect combo. Ah will always be a K girl ;)

april wood said...

holy shize, i ♥ this cloak! kinder aggugini, kinder, kinder, kiiinder!!

The Photodiarist said...

I turn around and then back again and I have 11 posts of yours to read. OMG! Slow down! Wait for me . . .

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Susan said...

I love it!