give me liberty NAO!

Never mind about Global Warming. My concern is that the planet is actually shrinking.

Take last Thursday, for example: Kaz (of Style My Wardrobe) & I had thought we'd try to meet at Liberty, but we didn't have a definite plan. So I arrived the moment she was leaving: we literally bumped into each other just as I was about to text her, and she was checking her phone. Okay, good timing, but not too freaky.

So we kiss goodbye, I walk into the Liberty Press Day event and literally two minutes later, who is the very first person I see? My new lovely friend Nao, the stylist ('meow, nao', and 'the wonderful world of nao').

How I wish Nao did a self style blog. I'm tempted to do it for her, but I'd have to run into her every day & shoot her. Instead, we did a quick photo shoot in the Liberty press room. There was some lovely Christopher Kane stuff which I'll post another time (it doesn't match this post) but I did find just the right little nook to match her hobo outfit. She actually found those trousers that way! And I love her handbag: we had that same exact basket in my childhood. What a cool alternative to an It bag, don't you think? It's so Green.

Coincidentally, when I saw Kaz a minute earlier, she showed me the amazing bag they gave away at the TU press day (where I was going, after Liberty). It's not in the stores yet but will be at certain Sainsbury's branches, and it really is amazing: inexpensive, with a fabulous cloth lining - and zippered pouch for phone etc - and the whole thing closes up with a drawstring, for security. And the best part is, the straps are strong, but soft, made of fabric. It's actually brilliantly designed.

I want to thank all of you who commented on the post the other day about self image (Lydia oh Lydia). I'm always grateful for your comments, but especially this one. You really amaze me: you're all so wise. I will be posting my feelings on it soon, I promise. But first: Mr. Dot is waiting for his eggs! (cheddar omelette, green salad, Paul's bread, leftover pommes Anna, and some crispy fried sliced chorizo).

Before I go, tho, I'm leaving you with some gorgeous bangles from the Liberty event. I am so a big bangle girl. Wrists are my body part of choice, for accessorising. (I'm good with 'statement' necklaces - it always feels too weird, kind of choking. I don't do necklaces, apart from my pearls, and Laura's Alice in Wonderland charm necklace).

Where's your favourite body part to accessorise?


Pearl Westwood said...

MMM Mr Dot is getting a yummy tea!!
I have a bit of a mannequin fascination and these three are just fab, they've so got attitude LOL x

Style At Every Age said...

I like to Accessorise my feet preferably with anything from Gina, Jimmy Choo or Louboutin! Thanks so much for your comment and adding me to your list, I have been following you for a while now, so am very honoured xx

ediot said...

thanks for sharing. love the photos! and i need some nice big bangles this spring/summer. great tips.

xx ediot

Susan said...

love their styles and those bangles too! :)


I like rings, so my fingers? :)

These boho/hippie pictures really amaze me. Love the style and photography.

Thanks for making my day! You may, of course, use and link an image in your sidebar. I am humbled YOU asked. :)


San said...

Oh my gawd I sooo remember these baskets!!!! I had one made of plastic (grew up in the GDR). It was made of two pieces and I always tore them apart and put them back together. If I remember it right mine was white and red. LOL

Exept for tearing it apart and putting it back together I had never any use for it. Talk about being a tomboy.

Wow, the things we remember from childhood.

the style crusader said...

oh i'm so bummed that i didn't make it to the TU thing now! that bag is awesome! you had it on friday, right? love these photos and the dress on the middle mannequin! also that is too funny about your coincidental meet ups!! i totally love kaz's outfit! she is just too gorgeous. also nao is amazing, a daily style blog of her outfits would be incredible! xx

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Nao has such a unique and beautiful style. She is the proverbial breath of fresh air.

Stylemywardrobe said...

Favourite part of my body to accessorize has to be my feet. I love shoes and at the moment,shoots(shoe boots), cant get enough of them!

PS: I loved the randomness of bumping into you at Liberty, totally freakingtastic!

Style Odyssey said...

My favorite body part to accessories would be...my feet. Gimme shoes and more shoes! After that, it's my wrists, only it's hard finding bracelets that aren't too large.

J, Nao is simply awesome. I do also wish she'd do a self-style blog (Nao, are you listening?? xx)

Did you get my email? It explains my day of drama and why I couldn't Skype!


jill said...

Feet!!! I forgot about feet!!!!

DUH: of course shoes are an accessory: hence them appearing under the 'accessory' category on websites.

Kaz, loved the randomness of bumping into you, too. Can't wait to catch up again. And Stephanie: will reply - sorry about your Day of Drama - these days for me, every days is a potential Day of Drama, too! : )

Pearl, Susan, E, Rosebud, thank you. San, I know what you mean about childhood memories, and love the image of you pulling it apart & putting it back together. E, will put it up shortly.

Big hugs, everyone. x0x

Anonymous said...

I love the basket she is using!! Amazing idea. I'd love to see her day-to-day looks, they are so unique. The way she layers is also very Asian - they are the kings of layering.

I love accessorising with a nice pendant necklace or bracelet. I haven't got any rings, but I'd love to start wearing some.