all white all weddy

I've been wondering when women in London would start wearing white. It's been black black black (& some grey) for so long, that I was starting to think we'd never see it, but sure enough, earlier this week when the sun came out, so did the whites! It was reassuring, somehow: like the first snowdrops appearing in early spring. Better late than never, white?

Altho I don't yet have any good London white shots, here are some from my visit home (to Florida) at Easter. First up: I spotted Barratt, above, on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, with her husband and young kids. Really nice family.

I met this delightful Norwegian mother-in-law and daughter duo - yes, you read it right! - getting along swimmingly, on my way to the beach. I then ran into them later on, shopping a few steps away on Worth Avenue, and I've got the shot somewhere, just can't find it at the moment.

Another postcard from Palm Beach, to inspire you (& me!) for that sunny blue&white palate.

And for some accessory inspiration, the only designer bags I'm saving up for are by DOKKIM, who doesn't have a website, just a shop on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, and another in I think Nantucket. So I can't even link you to a site, but their number is 561 833 3839.

I haven't stopped thinking about his bags (the designer's name is Dok Kim, from Korea). They're so well constructed. I'm not usually like that about hangbags: I mostly wear cloth things from Accessorize, or hand made by my English mother-in-law from old curtains and curtain pulls. Seriously.

Of course, none of this white stuff applies for today: it's grey again, so I'm sure everyone out there is back to black. But tomorrow, the sun may shine again, and when it does, I'm ready with my whites. (Sorry about the title, by the way: I'm playing Dylan right now, and really tempted to do 'It's all white mom, I'm only sleeping' but I'm afraid the reference will be lost on most people, and besides, my mom reads my blog, bless her cotton socks, and I'm such a lazy old cow, she'll believe it's true! (Hi Mom! : )


theresa said...

love those bags.

Stephanie Clayton said...

excellent pics, just love them all. palm beach is great for people-watching (one of my favorite pass-times!)

so sorry to hear it's still gray in london. i'll send some sunny thoughts your way, if that helps at all! actually, it's been gray this morning but trying to clear up. the sahara dust has reached the islands, and i'm afraid the skies aren't very clear and blue.

Jolie Roux said...

Wow white is such a classic.
And I love your blog, definitely exchanging links:)


Florida sunshine is the best, when rain isn't pouring all over it... :/ haha!

Thanks, dear. :)


Anonymous said...

It looks like Dokkim has a new website with an online store.

Check it out at: