kings of the road

Jon-Paul and Marc, King's Road, London

Either outfit would look fabulous on a girl, too. (Now, picture Jon-Paul's outfit, left, with these pink Louboutins. And an Agyness Deyn do). Now that I've chosen to embrace Summer Grey, I'm noticing how gorgeous it looks with different colours. It's like did you ever notice that photos taken on a grey day make bright colours pop so much better? I want those plaid shorts. AND their attitude.


Stephanie Clayton said...

those guys are rocking both outfits so well! reminds me, it's time to bring out my rad plaid shorts, too.
excellent post, love it!

Anonymous said...

ah those alternate killer heels are quite amazing :)
I'm allowed to buy my first pair of heels tomorrow although they have to be below 3 inches understandably.. these are rather out of my price range but a girl can dream? :D
lots of love,
nicky x

jill said...

that's funny you said that - i normally wear flats but have been in more of a heel mood & was checking out louboutin (i love their store - but on principal alone, i don't want to wear expensive shoes.. it just feels wrong, somenow) - so today, i too am going to see what the very cheapest shops have in heels.
if you're interested, tho, louboutin just came out with something really lovely, feminine & sexy in a three inch heel.. will email it to you, give me a moment :

jC xoxo

jill said...

p.s. to whoever asked on the Fashion Spot forum: yes, Marc's boots are indeed Vivenne Westwood. Well Spotted!