faded hazy lazy country state of mind

It's Monday in London Town, and - big surprise - it's overcast and grey. We were Whitstable this weekend which was fabulous, the light was gorgeous there, just the kind of faded palette I'm loving this summer, and I'm still in a kind of faded hazy lazy country state of mind. I'm going thru recent shots to find a colour scheme and look to match my mood, and came up with this great girl (who actually lives in London, and is pretty cool) who I met in Hay-on-Wye on the Welsh border, during the festival. I can't find my notes! I forgot her name! And can't send her an email! So, mystery polka dot girl, I hope you find this virtual message in a bottle.

I didn't realise til after I got the film developed that I had already shot her, earlier, on the grounds. A double polka dot sighting.


... said...

this one is great !

Fred the Mole

Easy Fashion Paris

Vicki said...

aww i love this carefree photograph, esp love the location behind her, that house looks so cute with the wooden shutters and window boxes.
One day i hope to have house as pretty as this!!
and of course im loving the polka dots!
Much love from Ireland

Unknown said...

Wow, I have been looking through your photos, i love them all. You have great talent :)

Unknown said...

The ladies dress is beautiful! The way she dresses it down is incredible. She has that country girl look going on and it's super relaxing! The hat is really cool too and so is the incredibly huge straw or bamboo bag.
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