classic with a twist

Pondering further on the previous posting: it seems to be everyone's obsession these days, looking like a million bucks for next to nothing. Take these two unrelated models I've met streetshooting, and coincidentally, just heard from: Francesca Frane (left) and Hannah Horn. Both were caught on the street with regular (i.e., their own) day clothes - both in sombre tones of black and navy, both with gorgeous, luxurious raven locks, and both subscribing to what I suspect we all, deep down, want to believe is our look: classic with a twist.

My blog-friend H recently posted about it (The Roit(feld) Way) in her blog, Pret-a-Porter P. Francesca has taken the smart/casual uniform of skinny jeans and a cardigan over tee, and made them special with her platform sandals from Topshop, while Hannah has pulled on a bubble skirt dress from H&M and, while seeming on trend, has channelled a classic-with-a-twist homage to a Victorian woman's bustle - in reverse - and teamed it with heels and black tights that are a spin on the black button up boots of that time. And over it, a jacket derived from a Marseilles fisherman's pea coat.
I'm sure she didn't dissect it quite that intellectually: she just put it on, it worked, and she walked out the door. Frida, also a model, did the same thing with her trench, but I've posted that twice, so if you're new to my little blog, go back to this posting.

I've always dressed this way, even as a child. When my beautiful childhood friend Sherri and I were trying to come up with fashion don'ts of ourselves from the past, she said she went thru old photos and sure enough, there wasn't much you could laugh at (well, you could always laugh at me for behaving like an idiot). But I was rarely swayed by current trends in too wacky directions. She said I was uncannily classic, even as a child. Classic, yet twisted.


Sam said...

That's so true: classic with a twist.
Love your blog JC!

Anonymous said...

you can never go wrong with classic with a twist :)

Maria said...

Really nice everyday-outfits.
Oh I'm drawn to those topshop platform sandals. I'm drawn to any shoe with platform theese days actually! Looks so good.