say cheese

Further on the yellow black theme. Three friends having a photo shoot in their garden square near the British Museum. I can't find where I jotted my names, so girls you know who you are, send me your email & I'll send you the pics.
Speaking of cheese, a blogger just sent a sweet comment and, intrigued by her name (The Cupcake Stand) I just clicked on what sounds like a fabulous recipe for macaroni & cheese with a twist (I'm currently obsessed with the concept of classic with a twist, by the way). I love the name Cupcake and that was going to be my blog name before Polka Dot. And I've been really into making macaroni & cheese and eating it with some fabulous lime pickle chutney - but this twist sounds divine.
Back from the pool - fabulous day - photos will follow - off to the garden for Square Day! Got myself in the mood to wear yellow and black just to prove myself wrong. Will ask Mr. Dot or one of our friends to shoot me please. xoxo


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Darling girls. I don't often wish to be a teenager again, but they make it look like fun.

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Cute girls)