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In light of the inspiring speech our President Obama just gave in Cairo urging us all towards world peace, and of a recent local conflict reported by Susie Bubble in her Hogg Roasted post, I'd like to take a stand against bullies of any kind, and that includes PR girls armed only with blackberries.
If there's gonna be a crackdown on photos taken on phones or cheap digital cameras in dressing rooms and then posted on one's own blogs, I am going to submit here, for anyone to see, a rather unflattering self portrait I took in Barcelona last year on a great weekend jaunt with a childhood friend, whilst in the dressing room at Zara. There's something about the angle against the mirror that makes me look like I'm a stripey lollipop in my third trimester, but that's not the point. Or maybe it is. This is just an experiment to see if one of my favourite all time global chains ever, Zara, will get on my case and shut me down. Or if anonymous strangers will tell me I look like crap. Either way, bring it on!

Update: Day two, and no word from Zara. I knew they were a cool brand!


StyleSpy said...

ACK!!! LOVE that photo! Wow, that is SUCH a cool picture!!! LOVE!

Anonymous said...

I sware we are telepathic!
Read that post last night and was going to send Susie an e-mail about how awesome she was and those little PR girls with their Starbucks and 6-inch Louboutins are such haters!
Lovely picture as always,
love nicky x x

Anonymous said...

It's a great dress, much nicer than Pam Hogg's stuff. I love Zara! They don't care-A : )

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I agree! And what an amazing shot! It's mesmerizing!

Stain On My Red Shoes said...

Great shot! I think the dress is really nice. I also don't think Zara would mind with their clothes being photographed and posted on blogs, as I knew lots of people do that.

As for Susie, I was so outraged by the attitude of Hogg's people. Such an arrogant attitude they have.