off the cuff

Two very different looks, variations on the same theme. Top, an English mother with her husband and whole pack of very young, very robust and adorable little kids, rolling on the floor with them to tire them out at Miami airport before the flight back to Heathrow. Now THIS is traveling in style, she's comfortable, looks great, has that fabulous black & blue thing going on that I'm so into this season.. the ruffled shirt looks feminine & I bet, given her lifestyle, totally machine washable.

The second look was shot at the Hay Festival, as we were running in to see Alain de Boton give a fabulous talk. Didn't even get a chance to ask her name. But she looks gorgeous, don't you think? I read that Gwynnie is tired of gladiator sandals, but as long as there are so many ways to wear them well, as she's done here, I'm still a fan.

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